Effective protection for Ships from piracy attacks without the need of direct confrontation

The Persistent Problem of Maritime Piracy

Piracy at sea has been a problem for hundreds of years. In  recent years piracy has extended far off the Somalia coast into the Indian Ocean and is now escalating on the west coast of Africa, Indonesia and Central America. 

The emergence of petro piracy has resulted in an increase in attacks in the East and South China Seas. 

Piracy shows no sign of waning; it is merely evolving and moving to new locations
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The Solution

The new and deceptively simple solution to the problem of unwanted boarding under sail, at anchor or in port is the GUARDIAN ship protection system that works by covering the ships safety rails with a specially designed barrier.

Without GUARDIAN, these safety rails provide an easy purchase for roofing ladders and grappling hooks.

Unlike Razor wire, GUARDIAN units are quick, simple, safe to install and prevent boarding equipment being secured to the vessel, with the GUARDIAN profile making it virtually impossible to climb over even if a grappling hook was to secure on deck.

The system is currently protecting some of the worlds biggest fleets including CMA-CGM, Maersk, BW Tankers as well and being used to protect offshore rigs and drilling ships.

Guardian Greenwater

GUARDIAN Greenwater has been developed to deal with the issue of green water on-board deck following turbulent weather conditions.

This means that the benefits to using GUARDIAN are two fold – it not only prevents against  unwanted boarding but aids with the issue of green water, which causes untold damage and expense.
anti-piracy barriers

It is a highly visible deterrent
It acts as a sight barrier, offering crew a level of invisibility on deck
Can be fitted while a vessel is at sea
Quick and easy to install (and remove) by crew or can be fitted by Guardian Maritime Limited
It can be easily swapped between vessels
Unlike razor wire it is safe for crew to handle (reducing injury and lost working time)
High cost and quality raw materials ensure a minimum protection for 5 years guaranteed
The units are recyclable and environmentally friendly
GUARDIAN Greenwater available
Leasing options available
The GUARDIAN system is a perfect and cost effective way of refusing boardingto pirates and stowaways.

After numerous and
extensive tests we found the GUARDIAN system impregnable and effective.

I highly recommend GUARDIAN for any marine
company whether they be low and slow or high speed with freeboard.
" Cost-effective
" Easy to install and remove
" Safe alternative
" Guaranteed for 5 years
" Transferable between ships