We import, trade & support a full range of various Anti Riot

Our products provide complete protection from impacts generated by stone or metallic projectiles, designed by flame resistance and reinforced PA material to protect the chest, back, shoulders and arms and with velcro modular flex design allowing all shapes and sizes to fit comfortably, providing also maximum mobility.

Anti Riot Suits

Lightweight suit gets high marks for being easy to get into and out of quickly

Front and back hard-shell panels have a modular flex design that allows a comfortable fit for all shapes and sizes without sacrificing mobility

Forearm guard offers a more comfortable elbow portion, which allows you more flexibility

Knee/ shin guard has a non-slip surface, keeping you planted in position

Each piece of the suit fastens and adjusts quickly with durable nylon straps, Velcro and quick-connect clips for a custom fit

All our products are  CE, NIJ, ISO and  BSCI approved and certified.
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We import/export, trade & support a full range of various Anti Riot Armor products, for your safety!