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Anti Riot Equipment

We manufacture and merchandize a full range of various Anti Riot

Our products provide complete protection from impacts generated by stone or metallic projectiles, designed by flame resistance and reinforced PA material to protect the chest, back, shoulders and arms and with velcro modular flex design allowing all shapes and sizes to fit comfortably, providing also maximum mobility.

Anti Riot Suits

Lightweight suit gets high marks for being easy to get into and out of quickly

Front and back hard-shell panels have a modular flex design that allows a comfortable fit for all shapes and sizes without sacrificing mobility

Forearm guard offers a more comfortable elbow portion, which allows you more flexibility

Knee/ shin guard has a non-slip surface, keeping you planted in position

Each piece of the suit fastens and adjusts quickly with durable nylon straps, Velcro and quick-connect clips for a custom fit

All our products are  CE, NIJ, ISO and  BSCI approved and certified.

Riot shields are lightweight protection devices deployed by police and some military organizations.

Riot shields are almost exclusively long enough to cover an average-sized man from the top of the head to the knees.

Some riot shields are designed to be bullet resistant against low-velocity handgun and shotgun ammunition; however, most are not.

They are generally intended to be used in riot control, to protect the user from shrapnel, thrown projectiles, and splash from various weapons such as a Molotov cocktail.

They can also be used as short-ranged melee weapons to push back rioters.

Riot shields are used in almost every country with a standardized police force and are produced by many companies.

Most riot shields are constructed from transparent, high-impact polycarbonate to enable the bearer to see incoming thrown objects, so the shield can quickly be positioned to deflect them away from the user's body.
Anti Riot Gas Mask
Vega Chest, Back, Shoulder, Arm, Knee-shin-foot protection for riot control

Outer covering material has high resistance to heat and wear and tear.
Inner shock proof padding and positioned purposely to disperse the kinetic energy provoked by the impact of sticks and other piercing objects.
Facility of movement thanks to the ergonomic design.
Shoulder protection with plastic shock proof inserts.
Adjustability through elastic and velcro for greater comfort and flexibility.
Plastic shock-proof parts with an inner system of expandable padding for maximum limb protection.
Elastic velcro closure system for greater comfort and flexibility.
Arm Material has a high resistance to heat and wear and tear.
Inner padding to protect the limbs from shock.
Adjustability through elastic and velcro for greater comfort and flexibility.
One size only.
Available one size
It is not a bulletproof product.
Arm protection for riot control
Knee-shin-foot protection for riot control
Chest-Back-Shoulder protection for riot control
Anti Riot Helmets
Anti Riot Gas Mask

Composition and features

Full-face respirator is made up of full-face mask ,canistersand Rubber headbands and Respiratory radios.

The full-face mask is made up of body of mask, big window lens and headband which can be adjusted according to users` choice.

The body seal box cover is designed according to the adult head type, wearing comfortably, the airtightness is reliable.

The big window lens which is made of polycarbonate have features: broad vision, good optical and strong impact resistance.Binocular.

The canister is filled by qualified activated carbon or activated carbon catalyst, the service time is long, the weight is light, easy to change new one.

It is designed for the military, police and civil defense.
We keep you safe