JSC SRPC Is the only authorized developer and manufacture of antitank guided missile systems in the Republic of Belarus, including antitank guided missile systems Shershen, in the framework of a special permit (license) issued by the authorized state body of the Republic of Belarus .
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SHERSHEN Anti-Tank Guided Missile System

«Shershen» ATGM system is long range anti-tank laser guided missile complex, designed for destruction of modern light and heavy armored vehicles, protected objects (such as bunkers, pillboxes, terrorists firing points in city buildings, earth-and-timber emplacements), low-speed low-altitude targets (helicopters, UAVs), water surface targets and afloat targets.

«Shershen» is a latest generation ATGM system, which provides the principle of missile guidance by laser beam with an option of target auto-tracking mode.

«Shershen» ensures hitting of static and moving targets at day and might time and in adverse visibility conditions.

The «Shershen» basic version with one firing channel consists of portable launching device, anti-tank guided missile, laser guidance device and remote control panel.

The system may be equipped with a number of TI modules, which provide different performance parameters at night.

The principle of remote control allows operating of the launcher from the safe distance up to 100m (with a wire channel) and up to 300m (with radio channel).

The pre-launching procedures, including launcher deployment, missile installation, connecting of guidance device and system switch-on, take less than 2 minutes to complete and may be done by one person.

All types of modern targets can be destroyed, irrespective of missile impact angle, using R
К-2 guided missile with tandem cumulative or high-explosive fragmentation warhead.

The state of the art capabilities of
«Shershen» makes it possible to consider this system not only as ATGM, but as a mobile defense-assault fire system for infantry support up to battalion level.