Promising anti-tank missile system "BLADE" has a relatively small weight and is convenient for manual transportation. Its distinctive feature is the possibility of periscope aiming and launching a missile from a prone position.

The munition is able to penetrate armor reinforced with explosive reactive armor using a tandem warhead.

COMPATIBILITY: All types of missiles of the “BLADE” family
AIMING MODE: In a prone position


- Temperature, °С: -40... +50
- Wind speed, m/s: <= 12
- Humidity: <98% (+ 40°С)
- Rate of fire, rounds / min: 2-3
- Engagement area elevation angle: 360°
- Engagement area direction angle: -6°...+7°
- Field of view when aiming: 6°
- Magnification: x10
Modern anti-tank missile systems are one of the most dynamically developing segments of the world arms market.

First of all, this is due to the general tendency to maximize the structural protection of all types of armored combat vehicles.
255 mm
Missile diameter in the container

The anti-tank missile system is equipped with a television goniometer, a digital control unit, has a high jamming protection and increased ability to combat use at night and in formidable weather conditions.

- tandem warhead (guaranteed ERA penetration);
- missiles and launchers are new;
- possibility of installing a thermal imager (there is a regular mount);
- TV goniometer and digital control unit;
- increased jamming protection;
- wire communication line is covered with a fabric cover (it does not stick together, as a result – it does not break off at missile launch);
- test equipment for checking the system in stationary conditions;
- test equipment for checking the system in the field;
- one power supply device with a long storage life;
- easy to use and launch;
- high resolution optical instruments (×10)
COMPARATIVE performance characteristics

Missile weight in the container: 25Kg

Missile length in the container: 1566 mm

Maximum shooting range, m – 3000

Maximum shooting range, m – 2000
(at night depending on the selected thermal imager)

Probability of kill – 90%
(at a range of 500 m ~ 3000 m)

Armor penetration, mm/degree – 180/68°