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We build special first aid kits (personal / team) for all kind of situations and according your needs and demands (Police, Special Forces, Military, Security teams.
1, T4 Haemostatic Bandage 10cm
1, T6 Haemostatic Bandage 15cm
1, Celox 15GR
1, Israeli bandage 15 CM
1, OLAES Modular Tactical Bandage 10 cm
4, Haemostatic Bandages Sterile (different sizes)
2, Steroply bandages (different sizes)
5, Burnshield Blots 3.5 ml
1, Burnshield  Hydro gel Dressing 10 X 10 cm
1, Burnshield  Hydro Gel Bottle 50ml
1, CPR Face Shield
4, Elastic Bandages (different sizes)
20, Sterile Gauzes (different sizes)
1, Tactical First Aid Shears
6, Safety Pins Assorted
5, ITT Warrior Hygiene Wipes
1, Tourniquet tactical soft
2, CRAVAT Military Sterile Triangular Bandage & more
2, Sterile Strips (different sizes)
20, Tactical Medical Gloves - Black
2, Eye pad Sterile Dressing with Bandage
2, Eye pad Oval Sterile Dressing
2, Ice Compress
20, Water Proof Plasters (different sizes and shapes)
2, First Aid Emergency Blanket
8, Syringes Sterile (different sizes)
1, Plastic Tongue Tweezers Magill Type
1, Mouth Opener
1, Combat Casualty Tag
1, SAM Splint Military Large - Roll
1, AMBU Military Perfit Ace Ajustable Extrication Collars
10, Sodium Chloride Amboules 10ml - Sterile
10, Sterile Adhensive Gauzes (different sizes)
1. Multi Trauma Elarge Sterile Dressing
1, KRINKLE Gauze for Ballistic Wounds
1, Tactical Medical Z-Pak Gauze
1, HALO Chest seal
1, Combat Surgical Tape 5cm X 10m
1, Tourniquet SOGTT Tactical
1, Olaes Modular Tactical Ballistic Bandage 10cm
1, Blast Tactical Bandage for large wounds and burns
1, Triangular bandage
1, Emergency blanket
1, First Aid Tactical Shears for bandage and clothes
20, Waterproof plasters sterile (different sizes/shapes
1, Haemostatic bandage Sterile Large
1, CPR Face Shield
1, Tactical First Aid Disposal Gloves
1, Burnshield Hydro gel Bottle 50 ml
5, Burnshield Hydro gel Blots
1, Eye pad dressing with bandage sterile
1, Combat Surgical Tape 5cm X 10m
3, ITT Warrior Hygiene Wipes
1, Tactical Medical Control Wrap 10cm
1, Tactical Medical Petrolatum Gauze
1, Tactical Medical Z-Pak Gauze
3, Sodium Chloride Ampoules 10ml
1, Leaflet with contents and instructions