Choosing the optimum solution to best serve your requirements is essential.

Each pistol is designed to accomplish specific objectives while incorporating all the same characteristics and advantages.

We supply and support a wide range of well known, in the global market, pistols and revolvers in order to accomplish and achieve our clients' needs.

Pistols are used in a wide range of activities and utilities.  Among these are personal defense, home defense, sport shooting/plinking, and, believe it or not, hunting!

Pistol VS Revolver:

I think this ranks as one of the most controversial subjects in gun safety.

Each has it advantages and disadvantages.  The revolver advantage is that you don't get confused by the safety in an emergency, there is a lot less chance of it jamming, and you can just point and shoot.

There is a lot less risk of it firing if dropped although automatics now have safety for that. The one big drawback is the rounds that are available which is often a lot less than in an automatic in a lot of cases.

The automatic has a lot larger round capacity, it is easier to reload with magazines, it has safety to help protect the shooter with hammer drop, and it can be a lot more compact and flatter than a revolver.

The big drawbacks are a load jamming in the chamber possible making your weapon unusable, the possibility of it going off it is dropped unless your pistol has safeties for this which many of the new weapons have, and in an emergency situation less advanced shooters can forget, in a high-pressure situation, to load the chamber or take off the safety. This can make these people more vulnerable to attack.

Whichever one YOU like the best, is the BEST for YOU!.

Doesn't matter how great the gun, if you can't hit the target your just wasting your time and maybe your life.
A9 & C9 Polymer Pistols (9x19mm)
HS XD MOD 2 (9x19mm)
HS 9 STANDARD (9x19mm)
GLOCK 19 GEN 5 (9x19mm)
GLOCK 17 GEN 5 (9x19mm)
GLOCK 17 GEN 4 (9x19mm)
GLOCK 19 GEN 4 (9x19mm)
GLOCK 19 GEN 3 (9x19mm)
CZ LUVO TT9 (9x19mm)
CZ LUVO TT40 (40S&W)
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