The special software ALLIANCE.ARMOUR is a complex of applications and services of geospatial and multimedia data that interact with each other to aggregate information from various sources for use in order to automate the control of subdivisions.

The special software “ALLIANCE.ARMOUR” works on the OJSC “NIIEVM” tablets and interfaces with the radio station R-181-50TU.


- display of vector and raster maps, including digitized ones;
- hybrid display of raster and vector data;
- 3D map display;
- custom objects creation (point, vector and area);
- assignment of additional semantic data to user objects (description, photo, classifier);
- cryptographic protection of ALL data in the system;
- the formation of the situation in real time, according to data obtained from various sources;
- short text messaging;
- voice chat with additional encryption;
- data access in accordance with the privileges and access rights;
- support of various communication channels;
- integration into a common network of devices using various communication channels.

- the 12.7 mm heavy machine gun “Kord” with left-hand feed system (6P51);
- the television and thermal vision sight for the 12.7 mm heavy machine gun “Kord” and the 7.62 mm machine gun PKT;
-  the television and thermal vision periscopic surveillance device with the laser rangefinder up to 5 km;
- the thermal vision and television system of the driver - “Puma Driver-170A”;
- the optoelectronic station “Strizh-M3”;
- the onboard navigation complex;
- surveillance two-dimensional centimeter band radar “FURUNO” FAR1528;
- the ground reconnaissance radar, adapted to work with the operator automated workplace;
- the remote laser rangefinder and target designator “Puma-LRD”;
- the thermal vision and television observation device “Puma-LRF”;
- ACS “Alliance” interfaced with commander automated workplace and operator automated workplace;
- commander automated workplace interfaced with all stationary and remote devices (equipment) of the combat reconnaissance vehicle (based on “Puma Driver-Sofia” system);
- upgraded automatic fire extinguishing system (extinguishing agent in the system -carbon dioxide), diesel power unit.
BSVT-7-72B Modernized
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