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Our Company is cooperating with several repute private companies in Pakistan that have the right to import and merchandise small arms and ammunitions in their local market
Dear Sirs,

To the best of our knowledge, we hereby like to inform you that according to the Pakistan Law for the import of small firearms, ammunition and parts of firearms from local defense traders/retailers, there is not any import licenses or EUC required from the Pakistan Government for these traders.

Our Company, following the International Law for the sale and purchase and the import/export of such goods to any country/entity that has the legality and it's not under any sanction or embargo from the UN or the manufacturing country towards to the purchase country/entity, is asking all the time a relevant End User Certificate or Import permission duly signed and stamped by the Buyer's local Police Authorities.

Below are some relevant documents that are showing how such entities (local traders/retailers of Pakistan) can purchase and import small firearms/ammunition to Pakistan market.