Driver-operator surveillance system
The Puma Driver-Sofia optoelectronic system of the driver is installed
Guidance angles
Ability to integrate into the automated control system “Alliance”.
A single digital IP network and a system of automatic functional control of details are built-in.
ARM-K  Control
ZSU–23–4 “Shilka” was modernized in order to more effectively hit small and low–altitude unmanned aerial vehicles, including prospective ones, and its outdated and unsuitable under the modern jamming countermeasures radar complex PKK–2 was replaced.

Instead of it, ZSU–23–4 “Shilka” has got a newest optical–electronic reconnaissance and targeting complex, which allows detecting an aerial target in passive mode such as a helicopter or a small plane at a distance of up to 20,000 meters and tracking it from a distance of  16,000 meters, and detecting and tracking small targets (30x30 cm) from a distance of 2000 meters.
Self-propelled anti-aircraft gun ZSU-23-4 “SHILKA”
The self-propelled anti-aircraft gun ZSU-23-4 “Shilka” is equipped with the AZP-23 quadruple automatic 23-mm rapid-fire artillery cannon and provides effective countermeasures by air-breathing threats at low and ultra-low altitudes, to ground lightly armored vehicles and enemy fighters.
The modernization option allowed not only to significantly increase the accuracy of calculating the target predicted coordinates and other parameters, including the target detection range, but also due to the passive operation mode, increased the stealth and survivability of combat vehicle.

Another modernization result was a decrease of almost two tons of the total weight of combat vehicle, which reduced the load on traction engine, improved the cross-country ability of self-propelled gun and provided the crew with space for additional ammunition and equipment.

In addition, it became possible to operate ZSU-23-4 “Shilka” at night without the use of lighting devices.
Passive target detection system
station “Strizh-M3”

up to 20000 m

Television channel
Armament:  4 x 23 mm rapid-fire artillery cannon AZP-23
Total weight of second salvo: 11
Shells ammunition: 1500
Rounds/min rate of fire: 3400
Killing Height up to 1500m
Killing RANGE up to 2500m
2644 - 3764 mm Height
3075 mm Width
6495 mm Length