Refugees and migrants will never leave EUROPE! (A highly anticipated prospect)

This is the decision of politicians worldwide... This is a FACT!

The only way each Country to handle their refugees / migrants and asylum seeker  is to socialize them and to learn them how to live with respect to the European and their host Country culture, to transform them into useful entities for their host Country and the European community

Leaving refugees/migrants helpless and uncontrolled it can only result into CHAOS!

What we do!

• We treat refugees/migrants fairly and with respect to their human rights

• We help them to live with dignity

• We house them properly

• We feed them well-taking care of the special peoples' needs

• We provide them with adequate first-degree healthcare and first aid support

• We make them feel safe and secure

• We Monitor and Supervise them well

• We teach them to respect native people and the Society of their host Country

• We support local Governments to teach native people and the Society of the host Country about their Human Responsibilities against refugees'/migrants' Human Rights

• We educate them as required

• We enable them and offer them job opportunities

• We support them to be gradually socialized

• We support them in every aspect of their lives and in the long term

The 4HumansCare project is fully supported by private companies and organizations worldwide

It's main scope of interest is the confrontation of the refugees/migrants/homeless problems, especially those of coordinated housing, proper feeding and internal infrastructure/organization.

The 4HumansCare project is focusing in reintegration and socialization of the migrants/refugees within the host Countries where they're seeking to "restart" their lives.

We, as Project Managers and main Suppliers of all the required material/infrastructure, have and provide for the solutions that responsible Authorities and NGOs are looking for the refugees'/migrants' main problems within their Country respectively.
4HumansCare Project
INTERNATIONAL ARMOUR Company is specialized in thhe Consulting and the Marketing of Materials and Products related to Defense, Safety, Security, Military Logistics, Humanitarian Projects, and the related Supportive Services.

The Company is duly NATO registered and UN Global Marketplace supplier (UNGM)

Key personnel of the Company consists of high caliber professionals, with higher academic and professional education, long-track proven experience in the Military and Commercial Defense & Security Sector, as well as the Logistic Support of large scale Governmental, Military, Private Security Operations.

In cooperation with Non-Governmental Organizations, construction Companies, specialized Manufacturers, and Supporting Vendors worldwide, we undertake the role of the Main Supplier of raw materials and finished / ready to use products, the Project Coordinator and the Main Project Manager of a turn-key solution concerning the Design, Construction, Internal Organization, Operational Management and Logistics Support of Refugee/Immigrants Shelters, as defined by the United Nations (UNHCR: The United Nations Refugee Agency) and the European Union, for large groups of people massively suffering from natural disasters, war conflicts and/or humanitarian crises and not being in a position to satisfy their basic human needs such as housing, food, potable water, basic health care, safety, and security.

At the same time, in cooperation with each country competent local State Authorities, we contribute to the refugees/immigrants recording, classification, monitoring & control, smooth integration and socialization into society, always taking into account their particular cultural and language characteristics, as well as the Shelter’s neighbouring local community.

In the same context, our group, as the Main Project Coordinator and Project Manager, undertakes similar projects worldwide under the name “4Humans Care
Enlargge picture
Shelter Management Chart
Total area of the designed Shelter 200 x 300 m
60,000 sq.m.

Overall capacity: 4992 persons

A). Housing

3 sectors x 3 Blocks x 4 Communities x 2 floors of 12 x 20 feet ISOBOX type fully autonomous apartments for 4 people (288 houses for 1152 people per sector), thus 3456 people

2 sectors x 2 Blocks x 2 Communities x 2 floors of 12 x 40 feet ISOBOX type fully autonomous apartments for 8 people (96 houses of 768 people per sector), thus  1536 people

B). One (1) Central Food Preparation center, along with the related warehouses and distribution center.

C). Four (4) Food distribution centers along with the related Restaurant / launch hall (socialization hall).

Each facility can feed 1500 people within 2,5 hours period of time (20-30 minutes per person per meal)


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Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person
It's not what we do,
It's how we do it!
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