The missile is created on the basis of missile 9M114 that is equipped with the units as  below:

    - Newly developed and manufactured hardware (equivalent to the hardware of missile  9M120F in terms of functions and design);

    - Booster and sustaining engines used in missile 9M120F.
(Made in Russia), to  be installed on helicopters
(Made in Russia), to be  installed on combat vehicles
Armor piercing warhead
(9N132 warhead of 9M114 missile)
to fight against tanks of any type
(equivalent to the warhead of missile 9M120F-1)
to fight against firing posts, light armored and non-armored vehicles,  aircraft vehicles, troops in covered positions.
(equivalent to the warhead of missile 9M2200)
to fight against aircraft   vehicles
High explosive fragmentation warhead
Fragmentation continuous-rod warhead  and non-contact laser fuse
The cost of the missile is reduced due to the maximum use of 9M114 missile components;

The parameters of 9M114 missile are preserved:

- Supersonic flight speed both at line-of-sight trajectory and at the trajectory above the line-of-sight;
- Different types of warheads;
- Jamming-resistant command radio line (CRL) for control (millimeter wave band);
- It is possible to fire the missile from loess soil due to the flight trajectory above the line-of-sight;
- Time for missile launch is less than 1 sec.
Increased range of missile flight (up to the level of 9M120F missile).
The supply set of the missile can include as well:

Training simulator guided missiles
(with dummy warhead intended to train the operators on missile launch in real conditions);

Training hardware in the loop missile

(with dummy components as follows: warhead, engine, gas generator and booster engine –  intended for training on the testing procedures using the standard test and control  equipment of “SHTURM” system).

Training dummy missiles (equivalent to the real missiles in terms of size and  dimensions)
(intended for training on the maintenance procedures on carrying combat vehicles).
The missile is intended for firing from the below systems
Supply set