Under contractual agreement with well known manufactures we supply UAVs and Drones systems and technology to all countries/entities that are not under any restriction or embargo from the European Union and/or the United Nations.

We build to order (BTO) UAVs and Drones for special use.

We deliver whatever you need, whenever you need it, wherever you request it with safety and accuracy under the most cost effective prices for your business.
MAGNUS FUSE Lightweight multi-purpose aircraft

The robotic version of the lightweight multi-purpose aircraft MAGNUS Fusion is a low-wing monoplane made of composite materials with alloy steel power elements and fixed landing gear.
UNMANNED aircraft «MF-212»

UNMANNED «MF-212» is a low-wing aircraft with a non-retractable (fixed) landing gear. The aircraft is made entirely of carbon composites and embodies in its design the best engineering solutions for aerodynamics, layout and control.

Established by leading European technology experts, SKYPATH  has become one of the MOST operational DRON/TETHERED DRONE for the design and development of anti-drone systems, and is currently operational worldwide, protecting airports, critical infrastructures, prisons and national borders against drone threats.
Mapping/GIS Services

We use drones (small unmanned helicopters and planes) for aerial surveys and mapping.
This is achieved by combining low altitude aerial photography with geometrically calibrated cameras and a technique called photogrammetry. With these pictures we create 3D digital elevation and terrain models as well as orthophoto mosaics.
Hybrid Power System for drone Generator for Hybrid Drone

Hybrid Power System for drone FLY2400 generator is a high efficiency generator designed for multi-copters.
FLY2400 generator is only 4.2kg which is much lighter than any other generators that produce 2400w output power, so FLY2400 generator is five times the efficiency of other generators.
Military Strike UAV

The unmanned aerial vehicle is designed for surveillance, air patrolling, reconnaissance and attack at  
operational and tactical depths, specifically at sea.

- High-precision inertial control system on laser gyroscopes
- Satellite navigation system
- On-board radar station
- Radar station with aperture synthesis
- Optical and aiming station
- Communication equipment
- 4 guided missiles RK-2P in transport and launching containers
- Engines; MS 500V 05C/CE, AI-450T2, Rotax 914
- Controlling elements

Orion (HORIZON) Unmanned Aerial System is an advanced tethered drone system providing continuous aerial coverage over large areas for law enforcement, public safety, private security and military uses, asset protection, event security, emergency communications and crisis monitoring
Ground Control Station for UAV/DRONES

- Intel i5 CPU computer
- 4G Ram, SSD 128G
- 19" 1440x900, 16:10  HD monitor
- USB x 4, IP port x 2, HDMI x 1
- Internal battery for 4 hours operation
- 12V power output/input
- Full battery operating : 5 hours
- Weight 13kg
- Measurement: 479 x 415 x 217mm
- Material: Plastic
- Floating factor (kg): 19.7
- Storage temperature: -40℃~90℃
- Water resistance: IP67

Demon-T is a multi-purpose, electric multi-rotor aerial vehicle (copter) with tether power unit.