Milkor is internationally known for its 40mm Multiple Grenade Launchers (MGLs) which are used in 67 countries worldwide.
The production of these weapons will always be an integral part of our company’s success.
The wide range of weapons are also capable of accommodating less-lethal anti-riot rounds to prevent civilian casualties

Mortars / Launchers / Rockets

We pride ourselves on the quality of our product and our commitment to working with our clients to find custom solutions.

Many among our leadership have served with distinction in some of the most elite military units in the world, so we know first hand the importance of responsive and adaptable solutions.

We supply all kind of ammunitions, projectiles, grenades etc from International well known manufacturers.

Ammunition in general are requiring import/export licenses and/or END USER Certificate.

We deliver whatever you need, whenever you need it, wherever you request it with safety and accuracy under the most cost effective prices for your business.
Mortar 60 mm M57

Mortar 60 mm M57 is a infantry fire support weapon, designed for neutralization and destruction of manpower, weapon stations in open field or in light defilades. It is also used for destruction of wire obstacles, for blinding of observation posts, firing points and for battlefield illumination. The mortar is well suited for assault and special forces.
Transportation: Men carried over shorter distances.
Over longer distances, animal-pack loaded, two mortars together with ammunition.

- HE Mortal Shell (O+4) M73 Min 94m - Max 2550m
- HE Mortal Shell (O+4) M90 Min 90m - Max 2950m
- HE Mortal Shell (O+4) M91 Min 90m - Max 2950m
- SMOKE Mortal Shell (O+4) M73 Min 94m - Max 2550m
- SMOKE Mortal Shell (O+4) M91 Min 90m - Max 2950m
- ILLUMINATING Mortal Shell (O+4) M67 Min 200m - Max 2550m
- ILLUMINATING Mortal Shell (O+4) M91 Min 2004m - Max 2950m
- PRACTICE Mortal Shell M62 Min 50m - Max 280m
MORTAR light long range 60mm (M06)

M06 60 mm light long range mortar features high combat versatility and tactical flexibility, due to:
- high firepower,
- favorable portability,
- short in-action / out-of-action time,
- high accuracy

Mortar is compatible with all range of standard 60 mm mortar ammunition designed for 650 bar max. working pressure.
Base plate design provides firing from all terrain types, including concrete, increasing mortar combat versatility. Design also provides low base plate digging into soft ground and easy removal after firing.
Standard weapon crew consists of 3 soldiers: commander, gunner and loader.
Gunner and loader are carrying mortar and ammunition combat load of 6 rounds packed in backpacks; commander is carrying sight, mortar FCS and BMS with radio, gunner is carrying bipod and 6 rounds and loader is carrying barrel assembly and base plate.
Crew number depends on tactical situation and terrain conditions, i.e. ammunition supply logistics organization.
MORTAR 60mm (PP93 / PP89 / AM1)

Models, PP93/PP89/AM1
MORTAR 81mm (W87)

MORTAR 81mm Model W87

MORTAR 120mm (M74)

Light mortar 120 mm M74 is a light-weight weapon of infantry close support, designed for annihilation of manpower and for destroying of firing points by short fire engagements.

It is particularly effective on intersected and hilly terrains, where the enemy may be hidden by a rear slope.

The mortar can effectively open breaches in wire barriers or mine fields, demolish lighter fortifications and remove top soil covers over heavy bunkers.

The mortar is also well suited for combat against mechanized units, by destroying their infantry.
It is also suitable for making of smoke screens and for target illumination at night.

The mortar is particularly suited for the mountaineer, special and airborne units, as well as for territorial defense units.
Mobile Mortar Complex  (MMK)

Mobile Mortar Complex  (hereinafter – MMK) is designed  to support the actions of  mechanized  
(mobile, mountain  infantry) battalion-level units  (company, platoon) in course of  combat with mobile  
terroristic  units and subversive and  reconnaissance groups of regular  forces in conditions of lack of   
roads, hard-to-reach regions,  open territory

Crew: 3
Deployment time: 35 sec
Time of folding down: 25 sec
Re-aiming time after fire, not above: 8 sec
Maximum range of fire: 7200m
Fire speed: 12 rounds per minute
Ammunition capacity: 60 mines
Horizontal aiming angles: -600 to +600
Vertical aiming angles: +450 to +800
- Aiming system of one mortar GIS (Geographic Information System) 

- Topographic referencing - Automatic, GPS
Currently not available

MORTAR 60mm (PP93 / PP89 / AM1)

Automatic grenade launcher M93 is an infantry weapon intended for annihilation of covered and uncovered live forces at distances up to 1700 m, as well as for destruction of light armored combat means at distances up to 1000 m
M93 can only fire bursts, but the rate of fire can be from 50 to 400 grenades per minute.
40mm Auto Grenade Launcher (CNO)

40mm Auto Grenade Launcher with belt/box
CNO SJ-600 N

38/40mm Revolver Grenade Launcher (6 Rounds)

- Material : Alluminium Alloy
- Feature : 38/40mm 6 Rounds - Revolver type launcher
- light weight; Aluminum Anodtzed (Weight Bkg)
- Top Open System Safety Lock System
- Max shooting range: About 200M (depends on the ammunition)
- Ammunition: 38mm CS cartridge, Rubber Baton, Rubber Ball Bulle
ZASTAVA Grenade Launcher BGP 40mm

The purpose of underbarrel grenade launcher BGP - 40 mm is the assembly to assault rifles M70 B3, M70 AB3 and all assault rifles in group M21

Under-barrel grenade launcher PBG - 40 mm can function only when it is mounted to an assault rifle; it cannot function independently.
This is a muzzle loaded weapon. It can fire grenades with anti-personnel, anti-tank, incendiary, smoke and training projectiles.
The interior of the barrel is chrome plated, which provides long service life and precision of the weapon.
Front and rear iron sight are used for direct aiming and plummet is used for indirect aiming.
- Under-barrel grenade launcher PBG-40 mm
- Holster
- Bag for grenades
- Barrel cleaning brush
- Rubber buffer for assault rifles with folding stock
- Buffer sling
- Handling and maintenance manuals
RPG PG-7V (Tandem Hollow Charge Heat Shell Type BKJ2)

This rocket (40MM TANDEM HOLLOW-CHARGE HEAT SHELL TYPE BKJ2) is a new type of rocket-assisted high explosive antitank projectile.
Mortar Shells (60, 81, 82, 120mm)

60mm HE, Type 63
60mm General Shell HE, Type 63
60mm HE Type PP89
60mm HEI Steel Ball, Type PP93
60mm HEI Type PP93
81mm HE, Type W87
82mm Long Range HE, Type PP7
120mm HE, Type W86
RPG PG-7V (Hollow Charge Shell Type 69)

This projectile (40mm Rocket - HOLLOW•CHARGE SHELL TYPE 69) is used to destroy tank of enemy, self-propelled gun, armored vehicles and reinforced concrete shelters etc.
Suitable weapon: 40mm rocket launcher type RPG-7, 69, 69-1 and 40m1n foldable rocket launcher type 2004
CNO Training Tactical grenade(40mm)
CTS-40, CTD-40, CTM-40

40mm Tactical Training Grenade (CTS-40, CTD-40, CTM-40)
Eco-friendly and Safe 40mm Low Velocity practice Grenade has Bio-degradable Plastic Ogive and Mineral Clay inside of projectile, which secures the most effective and safe training,
Training Tactical grenades K417, CN69

This "Eco-friendly, Non-metallic Training Hand Grenadeii ls made of naturally degradable materials for environmental protectection such as CLAY for the bomb body and BIo-DEGRADABLE plastic for fuse head.
40x46mm / 40x53mm Gun Launched Grenades

40 mm grenades are used by grenade launchers in service with many armed forces.
There are two main types in service with NATO countries: the 40×46mm which is a low-velocity round used in hand-held grenade launchers; and the high-velocity 40×53mm, used in mounted and crew-served weapons
CNO Training 155mm Projectile-Smoke

As the bullets used for 155-mm high-angle gun training, they are compatible with existing high explosives that one can expect the same training effect similar to that in the actual combat.
They were designed for utmost safety.

- Less problems than when using existing high explosives (KM107)
- Less chips, vibration, fire, explosion sound, and soil pollution
- Enhanced human safety
- Smoke screen feature
- Enhanced distinguish ability of hits and prolonged smoke screen time
- Same data training effect as high explosives
- May be used without changing the parts. Such as doctrine, BTCS charging with gunpowder, and fuse.

Caliber: 37/38mm Smooth Bore
Action: Break Open
Double-Action- 2 Shot Over/Under Design
Material: Aluminum Alloy
Barrel: 200mm (7.87”)
Length: 364mm (Folding),
            590mm ~ 670mm (4 Step )
Capacity: 2 Shots
Weight: 3.0Kg
Ammunition: 37/38mm CS Cartridge, Rubber Ball Cartridge,Plastic or Aluminum, Most of Cartridges are available
Packing: Case, Strong Carton box

Caliber: 37/38mm Smooth Bore
Action: Break Open
Double-Action- 2 Shot Over/Under Design
Material: Aluminum Alloy
Barrel: 150mm (5.9”)
Length: 287mm,
Capacity: 2 Shots
Weight: 2.0Kg
Ammunition: 37/38mm CS Cartridge, Rubber Ball Cartridge,Plastic or Aluminum, Most of Cartridges are available
Packing: Case, Strong Carton box

Caliber: 37/38mm Smooth Bore
Action: Break Open
Fire distance: 80m to 150m
Double-Action- 2 Shot Over/Under Design
Material: Aluminum Alloy
Barrel: 150mm (5.9”)
Length: 287mm,
Capacity: 1 Shots
Weight: 1.3Kg
Ammunition: 37/38mm CS Cartridge, Rubber Ball Cartridge,Plastic or Aluminum, Most of Cartridges are available
Packing: Case, Strong Carton box
Vehicle Mounted Remote Controller Automatic Grenade Launcher
STARK MGL (38/40mm Multi Launcher)

- Launcher Machine,
- IR Camera
- Remote Control Operation
- Light Weight and Compact design
- To be mounted every kinds of vehicles and buildings
- 3 Type : 10 rounds, 15 rounds, 30 rounds
Grenade launcher VHS-BG cal 40Χ46
with retractable buttstock

The VHS-BG is double action single-shot 40Χ46 mm grenade launcher. Equipped with hammer forged barrel and high durable polymer, VHS-BG can fire all 40x46mm type of grenades on the market – smoke, HE, CS, Rubber, etc.

VHS-BG can be used as stand alone variant or as under-barrel grenade launcher for VHS-2 rifle. Mounting grenade launcher on VHS-2 rifle is easy and fast with our one pin quick-mount system.

VHS-BG has mechanical sight attached to the side of the launcher, either on the left or right depending of the users needs.  It is also equipped with MIL-STD rail for mounting different sights options. With retractable stock, we can optimize overall lenght depending of the mission requirements.

Low recoil, light and compact, VHS-BG is ideal for different tasks.
Caliber40Χ46 mm
Barrel length260 mm
Range450 m
Length (with extended buttstock) 675 mm
Width (with sight)84 mm
Height (with sight)215 mm
Weight (with sight)1970 g
Grenade Launchers

A wide range of Single Shot and/or 6 shoot grenade launchers
(Manual and/or Pump Action)
Riot Control