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Electronic simulator of man-portable air defense system MANPADS “Igla” is designed to train the commander and the gunner in the rules of combat performance on MANPADS “Igla”.

High quality of training is provided by full compliance with weighty dimensional characteristics, controls and visualization of the MANPADS “Igla” simulator and combat model.

Using virtual reality glasses with high precision position detectors allows maximum trans-fer of simulated environment and trainee actions.

- search and visual detection of air targets;
- choice of operation mode of onboard equipment of rocket flight control (target servic­ing on opposite course or pursuit course);
- determination of initial data for firing and choice of the right time for switching on the ground power supply;
- choice of operation mode of launching mechanism (“automatic” or “manual”);
- sighting and target lock on by infrared homing device of a missile, quality assessment of lock on;
- determination of the right time for launching a missile when firing at nonweaving tar­gets and targets that perform maneuver (dive, nosing-up, by course and altitude).

The training systems created by high-class programmers have found their application not only in training military specialists of various types, but also in the civilian sphere.

The modern approach to the creation of simulators and training systems used in BSVT-New Technologies LLC makes it possible to simulate with maximum certainty the various conditions of training and the use of various products and devices, as well as to evaluate the results of learning impartially.