At International Armour, we expertly address physical security and operational risk issues by employing a holistic approach, encompassing all aspects of a client’s operations.

With a wide range of experience and with a vast arsenal of expertise, our physical security professionals provide support for all facets of an effective security program, including: threat assessments, close protection, surveillance, business continuity services, information and data security, risk assessment and crisis management.

We help clients reduce their exposure to threats and protect employees and assets by helping to identify gaps in existing physical security programs and by recommending improvements and enhancements to facilities, policies, procedures and technology. 

Our Security Services Sector was initially developed to provide high-level protective security and logistical support to public figures, corporations, corporate executives, religious leaders, political figures and others at high risk.

Should you have domestic or international Executive Protection requirements, our agents are available round the clock, well trained in Secret Service techniques with an unobtrusive approach that is allowing the protected and the agents to “blend-in” to the visiting environment.

Advance work is the key to our success.

All logistics are coordinated with our Advance Agents to expedite the protected safe travel.

With and through our strategic partners and affiliated companies, we provide TOTAL security services;

Physical security, Executive protection, Diplomatic & VIP protection, Land security, Maritime security, Emergency response and response analysis, Security audits, Counter surveillance, Threat - Risk assessment and security contingency planning, Special task teams, Trusted intelligence solutions, Private investigations and Plants/mines security.

Our specialists deliver industry leading solutions worldwide to multi-national organizations and private clients operating in complex and emerging markets. International Armour depth of knowledge and experience is drawn from an array of backgrounds including Military and Law Enforcement providing the technical, physical and mental aptitudes required to provide functional and cost-effective solutions.
Executive Land Security / Missions Services

The ever evolving physical security threats to companies, employees, infrastructure and assets present unique challenges to organizations worldwide.
Whatever you need, Wherever you need it, Whenever you request it! ,
We have the right teams/personnel with the right equipment and the experience to provide security services in rough missions.

Security to function, trade and prosper are basic human demands. 

The land environment presents the greatest diversity of challenge - from services delivered in more stable regions, through to the security required to help emerging economies and societies develop and prosper. 

We provide requirements and guidance for a management system with auditable criteria for quality of security guard consistent with respect for human right legal obligations and good security practices.

We evaluate the strength and limitations of published scientific studies about community-based health promotion and disease prevention programs, services, and policies

We assess whether the programs, services, and policies are effective in promoting health and preventing disease, injury, and disability
We are dedicated to provide competitively priced, high quality services and products tailored to their clients' requirements.

We continuously broaden their expertise and abilities and strive towards improving their operating capability in order to ensure the best possible service.

We measure their results against planned objectives to remain highly competitive and successful in the marketplace.

We foster a culture of professional competence and integrity among their employees, and provide them with every incentive to develop their potential.

We promote a spirit of teamwork throughout their organization by good communications and clear policies.

We endorse and support reconstruction and development programs for better quality of life and greater opportunities for individuals and communities.

We believe that people's beliefs, cultures and values should be treated with the utmost respect.

We implement sound financial practice to provide capital for growth and optimum return for our clients.

We control systems allow them to identify potential errors and miscalculations at an early stage in order to take corrective action.

During the stabilization period, we endeavor to provide special security programs which will assist in the normalization process.

At all times we remain a-political and guarantee client confidentiality.

We have the right personnel and equipment needed as well as the secure plan for each and any mission.