Lightweight multi-purpose aircraft
The robotic version of the lightweight multi-purpose aircraft MAGNUS Fusion is a low-wing monoplane made of composite materials with alloy steel power elements and fixed landing gear.

The aircraft can be equipped with guided flying weapons - MALANKA missiles and is designed to counter small UAVs, as well as high-speed maneuvering targets before they enter the protected air zone. Moreover, MAGNUS Fusion weapons can be used to engage ground targets.

The iSky-30 HD three-channel high-sensitivity optical-electronic station installed on MAGNUS Fusion allows you to automatically detect, track and identify targets. In addition, the laser illumination function provides precise guidance of MALANKA missiles with a semi-active laser and passive thermal imaging homing head.


- Ηelicopters
- Αirplanes
- Cruise missiles
- Military transport aircraft
- Ground targets


- Autonomous patrol of protected sites and territories
- Real-time video transmission
- Detection and control of small maneuvering air targets
Wing span, m: 8.44
Length, m: 6.62
Height, m: 2.40
Weight: Empty:  299Kg  / MTOW: 600Kg
Fuel, L: 90
Engine type: PD Rotax 912ULS
Engine capacity, HP:  1 x 100
Max speed, km/h:  280
Cruise speed, km/h: 250
Operational range, km: 800 - 1100
Practical ceiling, m: 7000
Max operational overload: 6
Missiles MALANKA х 2 pcs
Has two types of homing heads
- semi-active laser
- passive thermal imaging

MALANKA missile features:
It can engage not only air, but also ground targets.
There are two modes of use - air-to-air and  air-to-surface
Optical-Electronic Station iSky-30 HD

- Thermal Imaging (TI) Camera with 250 mm focal length
- High Sensitivity Color HD Day Camera
- Optional Eye-safe Laser Range Finder
- Optional Laser Illuminator
- Optional Laser Pointer
- Weight – 21 kg
- Diameter – 305 mm
- Detection range – 18 km
Target engagement range, km: 0,3 – 8
Target engagement altitude: 0,1 – 5
Kill probability (by one missile): 90%
Max overload, g: 47
Engage target overload, g: 12
Guidance system: Passive Homing
• a semi-active laser or passive thermal imaging homing head
• new dual-mode missile engine
• modern autopilot unit using cutting-edge missile guidance algorithms (dimensions not less than 0,3x0,3m)
• modern proximity laser fuze, providing missile detonation in a given area
• ability to engage small UAVs
• Warranty period of technical resource of exploitation is 10 years