The two-seat MF-212 is a low-wing aircraft with a fixed, non-retractable landing gear and a cabin in which the crew is located side-by-side. The aircraft is made entirely of carbon composites and embodies the best engineering solutions for aerodynamics, layout and control in its design.

The transparent aircraft canopy provides an excellent field of vision for the crew, which is especially important for performing complex aerobatics when the aircraft reaches the target. The MF-212 aircraft has high aerobatic and operational characteristics, has a high strength composite structure and is able to withstand overloads of +11.8/-6.3 g.


- Patrolling of guarded objects and territories
- Detection and control of small maneuvering air targets
- Countering illegal armed groups


- illicit armed groups
- ground equipment
- attack helicopters
- UAVs
Optical-Electronic Station iSky-30 HD

- Thermal Imaging (TI) Camera with 250 mm focal length
- High Sensitivity Color HD Day Camera
- Optional Eye-safe Laser Range Finder
- Optional Laser Illuminator
- Optional Laser Pointer
- Weight – 21 kg
- Diameter – 305 mm
- Detection range – 18 km
Attack aircraft «MF-212»

R-60-NT-L and/or R-60-NT-T– 2 pc


- Air-to-air
- Air-to-surface
- Surface-to-air
- Surface-to-surface
The hardpoint mountings allow the MF-212 to carry the aircraft guided missiles R-60-NT-L with the semi-active laser seeker and R-60-NT-T with the thermal imaging seeker.

- The R-60-NT-L missile is designed to hit targets marked by a laser designator. It is supposed to engage mainly the ground targets with the use of artillery laser designatorsrangefinders.

- The R-60-NT-T missile with an infrared seeker is designed to hit low-temperature (low contrast) objectives. It is supposed to engage mainly the small-size air targets.
Both missiles are equipped with a new multi-beam laser proximity fuze that provides a continuous field of view, which significantly increases the probability of engaging small targets.
Wing span: 8.44 m
Length: 6.62 m
Height: 2.40 m
       - Empty: 299 kg
       - MTOW: 600 kg
Fuel: 90L
Engine type: Rotax 912ULS
Engine capacity: 1 х 100 hp
Max speed: 280 km/h
Cruise speed: 250 km/h
Operational range: 800 – 1100 km
Practical ceiling: 7000 m
Max operational overload: 6 g
Seeker:  semi-active laser or passive thermal imaging
Target engagement range: 0.2 – 6 km
Target engagement altitude: 0.1 – 5 km
Missile speed: 730 – 850 m/s
Kill probability (by one missile): 0.9
Max overload: 30 g
Engagable target overload: 12 g
Controlled flight time: 20 s
Engine type: Double–mode missile engine solid–fuel
Guidance system: Homing
MF-212 UAV