Aircraft Frame Materials

-  Aero, TUV-SUD UV-Protective coating
-  Spread Τοw TeXtreme
    Ηi strength ultra-light carbon fabric
-  High impact, vibration, and fatigue strength
   Aramid honeycomb
-  Aero, twill weave, Carbon fabric
Protective Materials

- Aero, UV-SUD UV-Protective coating
- Aero, plain weave, glass fabric
- Spread Τοw TeXtreme
  Ηi strength ultra-light carbon fabric
- Fine industrial grade closed cell foam
- Aero, twill weave Aramid fabric live hinges
Modular Design

AII SKYPATH components are easily removable and completely interchangeable.

Booms are folding and MERA folds down to a 25cm box, in a split of a second. Assembly and fastening is tool free and all bolds and subsystems require a minimum of toolset during maintenance.

Despite its large disk area, the disassembled UAS features an ergonomic design in order to capture the less possible volume during transportation. ln the same concept, all components from Avionics to Payload can be individually removed for replacement, update or

Carefully Chosen COTS parts, like cabling and connectors ensure ample availability in any circumstance.
Spread Tow TeXtreme
Ηi strength ultra-light carbon fabric with Aero, TUV - SUD UV  - Protective  Coating
CNC Aero grade
Aluminum Lock mechanisms
Fine industrial grade Closed cell Foam & Graphene Components
High impact, vibration and fatigue strength Aramid honeycomb
Approved by the TUV-SUD followed by ISO 9001 and German Federal Aviation Authority
SKYPATH designed for the governments, HLS agencies, Police and Special Units in the public safety arena.

Established by leading European technology experts, SKYPATH  has become one of the MOST operational DRONE/TETHERED DRONE for the design and development of anti-drone systems, and is fully operational to protect airports, critical infrastructures, prisons and national borders against drone threats.

SKYPATH can -  without any concern - smoothly / safely operate with winds up to 40 km/h (22 knots) without the active interference of the operator in a tethered drone mode.

"With the integration of Colibri 2 high precision day/night EO/IR/Thermal camera SKYPATH can have:

- A 60° Wide Field of View (WFOV with no zoom) for long distance surveillance (3-3,5 Km truck distinction and 600-700 m human distinction) 
- Up to  3° Wide Field of View (WFOV with X 20 optical zoom) and up to 1,5° Wide Field of View (WFOV with X 40 optical + digital zoom) for very long locating distance (12-14 Km truck distinction and 2,5-3 km human dinstinction)
- Extended surveillance and detection and dinstinction capabilities on thermal mode day and night.
- Laser target allocation and tracking capabilities independently of distance.
Large Payload, weather resistant
UAV build for endurance
Colibri 2 or
Night Hawk 2 or
Epsilon 140 or
Any requested
Smart tethering system
Output Power 3500W
GROUND Control
T-planner software for automated flights camera control
Data Cable
Cable 100m
220Vac 50Hz
Voltage output: 50V
Epsilon 140
Onboard image processing

Epsilon 140 has a state-of-the-art onboard image processing capability.

The onboard processing leads to a rock-solid target tracking performance and eliminates any communication latency issues. Its processed video reduces the data rate and requires lower bandwidth datalinks, which is of extreme importance for modern UAVs.

The video stream, along with snapshots, can be stored in HD quality onboard the Epsilon 140.

Rugged and Lightweight, Environmentally Sealed Design

You can operate the Epsilon 140 in any conditions. IP64 rated, it has an environmentally sealed construction and will protect electronics from dust and heavy rain.

Its robust aluminum structure is optimized for demanding applications where the gimbal needs to handle shock and rapid accelerations.

Epsilon 140 can handle routine parachute recoveries, net recoveries, belly landings, and catapult launches with ease.
System specifications

Stabilization:  <150 µrad
Weight:  1570 grams
Size:  140 mmx189 mm diameter
Environmental protection:  IP64 rated
Operating temperature: 
25°C to +50°C
Rotation limits:  360° continuous pan, -90° to +45° elevation
Slew rate: 120deg/sec
Power:  40W peak, 20 W typical
Input voltage:  24 volts
Video out:  Digital H.264 encoded video, analog, PAL, or NTSC
Control interface:  RS 232, Ethernet

Onboard Image Processor Specifications

Object tracking:  Yes
Software stabilization with rotation correction:  Yes
HD video output:  720p HD output
H.264 encoding:  Yes
On-board video recording/snapshots:  32 GB built-in memory
Moving target indicator:  Yes
Video enchantment:  Yes
SKYPATH designed for the governments, HLS agencies, Police and Special Units in the public safety arena.

Established by leading European technology experts, SKYPATH  has become one of the MOST operational DRON/TETHERED DRONE for the design and development of anti-drone systems, and is currently operational worldwide, protecting airports, critical infrastructures, prisons and national borders against drone threats.

High Standard Construction Materials

AII Composite Construction
Rapid Deployment
All CNC Made Components

On-demand airframe modifications

Materials per Aircraft Standards (FFC,MSDS,EC)
State of the art, Brushless propulsion Setup for Efficiency, amplitude power and zero maintenance

UAV platform ready for payload and autopilot integration

• Multirotor Type
• 30min endurance
• Up to 6 kg payload capacity
• 10km mark Flight trip on MTOW
• Wide range of standard subsystems and options
• Advanced Autopilot System,
• IoT Ready Drone
LAW ENFORCEMENT Crowd Control Traffic Monitoring Event Control
PRIVATE SECURITY Industrial Crisis Monitoring Assets Protection
Event Management
Force Protection
Communications Extensions
Emergency First Responders
Popup Telecommunications
Relief Efforts
Disk Area
Day Human Detection
Flight Time
Disk Area
Wind Speed
Tethered Power System
Flight Time
Colibri 2

The Colibri2 is a dual EO-IR stabilized camera built for professionals needing a quality camera for day and night use.

Weighing in at 180 grams [6.3 oz], the Colibri2 offers excellent image quality and sharpness to capture detailed imagery, such as license plates and faces.

Zoom : x20 + x2 digital (total x40)
FOV : 60° WFOV – 3° WFOV – 1.5° DFOV
Thermal Resolution : 640x480
Pitch FOR: -45° to +90°
Roll FOR: -180° to +180°
Weight : 180 grams [6.3 oz.]
Dimensions : 53mm [2.099”] x Height=81mm  [3.2”]
NextVision is the market leader in the field of micro stabilized gimballed cameras, offering the widest range of field-proven stabilized cameras and accessories for commercial, industrial and security applications
Direct Drive Stabilization
Direct drive torque motor stabilization produces stable video even at 30x optical zoom or up to 1.3° vertical field of view.
Multiple Sensor Options
Epsilon 140 is available with multiple sensors, including a high-sensitivity 640x480 IR night sensor with a unique 60 mm IR lens.
Scene Steering
Epsilon 140 will automatically hold the video centered on the scene, independent of the aircraft movement..
Electronic Video Stabilization
Electronic stabilization with roll correction, removes the high-frequency jitter often found on small unmanned aircraft platforms. This significantly reduces the operator workload and allows it to concentrate on the mission objective
Retraction Mechanism
Epsilon 140 is available with a lightweight retraction mechanism as well as matched vibration isolators.
The retraction mechanism weight is 420 grams, with a rugged design, and is suitable for high-acceleration catapult launches and parachute recoveries.
H.264 Internal Encoder
The video is encoded with H.264 compression format to support IP datalink options and to reduce datalink system bandwidth requirement.
Epsilon 140 is a non-ITAR product and is freely available worldwide
Plug and Play
Simply connect the Epsilon 140 to a power, network, and serial communication cable and it is ready to use. No need for any additional time-consuming integration.