We suggest the following 6-point check list if you suspect you are a victim of eavesdropping or surveillance.

1. Contact a specialist counter surveillance firm. If you use a telephone make sure you make your call away from the
suspected target area.

2. Do not discuss your fears with anyone within the workplace. Bugs are often planted internally by members of staff.

3. Do not try to find the bugs or wiretaps yourself.

4. Consider carefully what action you would take in the event of a bugging device being found. A competent bug sweep team will not alert the eaves-dropper that an inspection is being performed. Thus leaving you three options:

     a. Remove/destroy the bugging device

     b. Take steps to catch the eaves-dropper leading to the option to pursue criminal charges.

     c. Feed the device misinformation and monitor for results.

5. Tell only a minimum number of trusted people about your engagement of TSCM (bug sweeping) experts.

6. Consider engaging a TSCM (bug sweeping) firm to conduct regular sweeps and to seal the vulnerable areas of your meeting rooms.

By observing these common sense precautions you will limit any damage, and take great steps to safeguard precious business information from the bugging threat.
What to do if you suspect you are under surveillance
Incident Response - Act Now!
Counter Surveillance Services

Detecting and Eliminating Infiltration

We in-depth expertise and seasoned security teams offer services ranging from bug and wiretap detection, worldwide security consulting services, as well as intensive hands-on training

BODYGUARD SECURITY seasoned staff with over 25 years of combined experience in security, secret service and armed forces become deeply involved in the detection process and ensure the elimination of any possible infiltration.

Experienced technical staff evaluate the physical facilities, including telephone instruments and lines, review of existing security measures, methods of communications and storage.

These actions serve to warn of potential threats and to advise solutions for protecting premises, information and even lives.

BODYGUARD SECURITY can deploy its team of counter surveillance specialists ready for travel anywhere in the world.

The Sweep Team can advise you of any found theft devices and clear a suspected area of all audio and video infiltration equipment.

We provide a complete list of all illegal bugs and wiretaps located, along with a comprehensive report which exposes areas of potential and actual infiltration as well as recommendations for ongoing preventive security measures.
Car and Vehicle

A vehicle tracker can pass every move you make, and every place you visit, on to someone else with pinpoint accuracy.
Trackers and mobile vehicle bugs can also be used to listen and transmit private conversations held within the vehicle.
Specialist Commercial Sweep Services
Office and Commercial Sweeps

Our extensive experience in a commercial environment using advanced equipment, enables us to locate and remove all eavesdropping and spying devices wherever they are, and whatever level of sophistication they possess.
Home and Private Sweeps

No home is private if someone is listening to or watching your every move.
Spying or bugging devices for little more than a hundred pounds can pass your private conversations, movements or computer data on to indiscriminate third parties.
Surveillance & Counter Surveillance
For Good and for Evil!
Whether terrorists are attempting to assassinate a high-ranking government official, bring down a building or explode a bomb in a subway, their first order of business is to determine how best to set up the attack.
Surveillance and Counter Surveillance

Security is vital to the success & survival of the resistance movement.

This is because we have an enemy who actively works to undermine, neutralize, & ultimately destroy us.

Failure to remain aware of security concerns can mean the difference between victory or defeat, freedom or imprisonment, life or death.

Not only for yourself, but others around you.

Information gathered from various sources, & that is subjected to analysis & comparison, is called intelligence.

The gathering of intelligence is a vital part of counter-insurgency operations, without which the enemy does not know who, what, where or when to strike.

Security & Counter-Surveillance measures are designed to limit & deny the flow of information to enemy forces.  It is based on the principle that counter-insurgency is a permanent part of society and that those engaged in resistance are always vulnerable to surveillance & repression.

Surveillance is the continuous, secretive observation of persons, places, things or objects, in order to gain information.

INTERNATIONAL ARMOUR has the right equipment, the right personnel and the knowledge to provide you solutions related to Physical surveillance and Technical surveillance
In countless ways, surveillance is emerging as the dominant way the modern world organizes itself.
Surveillance is the art of observing the activities of people or groups from a position of authority or power.

It may be covert (without your knowledge) or overt (perhaps with a frequent reminder “we’ve got our eyes on you”). It aims at gathering information on the work of a defender or his/her organization to prepare for an aggression or serve as a demonstration of potential aggressor’s capacity to harm with the intention to scare the defender and making him/her stop engaging in sensitive work.

Modern technology has given surveillance a new dimension - surveillance can be automated using computers and extensive records of people’s activities can be kept over a long period of time.

Counter-surveillance is the practice of detecting surveillance i.e. of detecting whether you are being watched.

It is also the practice of avoiding or making surveillance more difficult.

Before the computer age, counter-surveillance entailed evading gents, spies or “ears” and finding ways to communicate secretly.

With recent developments such as the Internet, the increased presence of electronic security systems and databases, counter surveillance
has grown in scope and complexity.

Today, it entails nearly all our areas of work, from knowing how to delete a computerized file without leaving a trace, to avoid being the target of direct advertising agencies who have gathered information on your preference through your use of the Internet. 
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