A new passive optical radar (electrooptical target reconnaissance system) installed on the mobile reconnaissance and control post of the surface-to-air missile system "TRIO" is capable to perform reconnaissance of enemy aircraft at a distance of up to 20 000 m in a full security mode.

As part of SAM system "TRIO", the passive optical radar automatically surveys a given sector of the space hemisphere, processes information received from television modules, recognizes and identifies detected objects, calculates and constructs air situation and subsequently transfers it to subordinate fighting vehicles and central command post.


Angles of sight:

- Horizontal, degrees: 360
- Vertical, degrees:-10 to +70
- Instantaneous field of view, degrees: 7

Lifting height of telescoping mast with radar, m: 6
Gradeability, degrees: 35
Speed of movement by water, km/h: 4 - 5
Highway cruising range, km: 500
Crew, persons: 4
Mounted equipment, kg: Up to 4000
The air-defense missile system “TRIO” has been created to provide air defense for military and industrial facilities, land troops’ units and formations, and to strike small-size air targets, including unmanned aerial vehicles.
The TRIO’s guns supplement each other, which allows it to efficiently destroy small-size air targets of various types, including mini-drones.
The new system’s weapons are mounted on the tracked chassis, which enables it to move confidently across terrain with different types of soil.

System composition

- mobile command and control station with reconnaissance assets;
- modernized combat vehicle of short-range surface-to-air missile system 9K35 “Strela-10”;
- modernized anti-aircraft self-propelled system ZSU-23-4 «Shilka»;
- robotized machine-gun module «BERSERK» based on rapid-firing aviation machine guns GSHG-7.62.
Mobile control post with reconnaissance assets
(Mobile Reconnaissance and Control Post)
Modernized fighting vehicle
of short-range surface-toair
missile system 9K35
"Strela – 10"
Modernized self-propelled
anti-aircraft gun ZSU-23-4
Robotic fire system
"BERSERK" based on the
quick-firing aerial machine
guns GShG-7.62
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Up to 20 000
Not less than 2000
The modernization of air-defense missile system 9K35 Strela-10 (ADMS) provides expanding the capabilities of combat use and increasing the survivability of the air-defense missile system.

To this end, the system is equipped with modern reconnaissance means – day and night passive optical-electronic station “Strizh-M2”, which is capable of detecting and tracking targets from a distance of 20 km, automatically calculating the target’s position relative to the launch zone of the air defense missile system and warning the combat vehicle about target engagement zone. In addition, a forced turn of the launcher is ensured to the point where the target appears to be able to execute firing on a follow-up course.

The combat vehicle is adapted for combating small-sized air targets, including unmanned aerial vehicles and for firing, among other things, modernized air-to-air guided missiles (with three versions of the homing heads: infrared, thermal imaging and laser) R-60BM, which are able to hit targets of 30x30 cm size.
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ZSU–23–4 “Shilka” was modernized in order to more effectively hit small and low–altitude unmanned aerial vehicles, including prospective ones, and its outdated and unsuitable under the modern jamming countermeasures radar complex PKK–2 was replaced.

Instead of it, ZSU–23–4 “Shilka” has got a newest optical–electronic reconnaissance and targeting complex, which allows detecting an aerial target in passive mode such as a helicopter or a small plane at a distance of up to 20,000 meters and tracking it from a distance of  16,000 meters, and detecting and tracking small targets (30x30 cm) from a distance of 2000 meters.
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Robotic fire system (RFS) "Berserk" equipped with a weapon station with two GSHG-7.62 four-barreled machine guns is capable of effectively counteracting unmanned aerial vehicles of aircraft and helicopter types, as well as loitering munitions at a distance of up to 1,000 meters. Rate of fire and volume of fire make it possible to create a reliable screen on the path of target being fired and not to let it reach the protected critical infrastructure object (power plant, oil refinery, etc.).

The turning platform of the RFS "Berserk" uses powerful electric drives that allow turning the weapon station to 360   degrees in just 6 seconds.

This speed is necessary for a promt response to rapidly changing air situation. Strength of the structural components of the turning platform helps it withstand the comparatively high recoil of the coaxial four-barreled machine guns.

The versatility of seating positions allows installing the weapon station stationary and on various types of mobile vehicles, in particular on the ASILAK lightly armored vehicle. At the same time, the weapon station can function both in automatic and in remotely controlled modes.
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