The air-defense missile system “TRIO” has been created  to provide air defense for military and industrial facilities,  land troops’ units and formations, and to strike small-size air  targets, including unmanned aerial vehicles.

The TRIO’s guns supplement each other, which allows it  to efficiently destroy small-size air targets of various types,  including mini-drones.


- A mobile control center based on a light armored vehicle ASILAK-ASV (MCC)
- Combat  vehicle of a short-range air defense missile system.
Combat  vehicle of a short-range air defense missile system based on  ASILAK
The vehicle is equipped with modern reconnaissance means - the Strizh-M3 round-the-clock passive optical-electronic station, capable of detecting and tracking targets from a range of  20 km, automatically calculating the position of the target relative to the air defense missile system’s launch zone and warn the operator of the combat vehicle that the target is within its boundaries. In addition, a forced turn of the launcher to the point of probable appearance of the target is provided for firing on a catch-up course.

To combat small air targets, including unmanned aerial vehicles, the combat vehicle can fire aircraft guided missiles R-60-NT-L with the semi-active laser seeker and R-60-NT-T with the thermal imaging seeker.

Crew of the fighting vehicle - 2 people (driver and commander).

- Light armored wheeled chassis ASILAK with autonomous equipment power supply sys-  tem based on a diesel-generator set of variable power up to 8 kW;

- remote controlled unmanned weapon station with a launcher that provides placement,

- preparation, guidance and launch of 4 missiles of R-60-NT-L and/or R-60-NT-T type;

- automated workstation;

- airborne navigation and orientation system;

- data equipment.
Combat  vehicle of a short-range air defense missile system based on  ASILAK with a sliding camouflage awning
• a semi-active laser or passive thermal imaging homing head
• new dual-mode missile engine
• modern autopilot unit using cutting-edge missile guidance algorithms (dimensions not less than 0,3x0,3m)
• modern proximity laser fuze, providing missile detonation in a given area
• ability to engage small UAVs
• Warranty period of technical resource of exploitation is 10 years
The mobile control center is equipped with communication and control systems integrated into the Alliance automated control system.
The monitors installed in the MCC display in real time the air and tactical situation on the battlefield,  as  well  as  video  images  obtained  from  optoelectronic  and  thermal  imaging surveillance and reconnaissance equipment.

Information on the targets detected and received from the supporting radio engineering units and the higher command post is processed and issued in the form of target designations to the TRIO air defense missile systems.

The Data-processing and Computer Complex of the mobile intelligence and control station performs  round-the-clock  acoustic  and  optical  reconnaissance  using  passive  detection methods with automatic output of the required calculated data of air and ground targets for their fire engagement.

It  provides  secrecy  of  created  position  defense,  and  the  available  technical  means  allow of  round-the-clock  reconnaissance.  The  software  allows  it  to  make  quick  distribution  and assignment of all targets for weapons for their guaranteed destruction.

The SOKOL optical all-round visibility and location system which is part of the MCC allows reconnaissance of an air enemy at a distance of up to 20,000 m in full stealth mode.

The MCC crew consists of four people - a driver, a commander and two operators.
All-round optical surveillance and location system “SOKOL”