Designed for detection, direction-finding of UAV (downlink: UAV – ground control post) and UAV ground control post (GCP) (uplink: GCP – UAV); downlink and uplink jamming of GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO, BeiDou on-board satellite navigation system equipment; spoofing GPS on-board satellite navigation system equipment.


- antenna-receive module;

- two automated operator workstations;

- modules for jamming UAV and GCP receiving systems and UAV satellite navigation systems;

- module for spoofing GPS satellite navigation system receiving equipment at UAV;

- transmitting antenna set;

- all-terrain vehicle comprising two masts for SIGINT and jamming hardware, life support system and autonomous power supply.

- Radio reconnaissance operating frequency range: 100 – 6000 MHz
- Radio jamming operating frequency range: 100-6000 MHz
- UAV signals’ radio reconnaissance range (data transmission from UAV): up to 50 km
- Ground control post signals’ radio reconnaissance range (control channel): up to 10 km
- UAV receiver jamming range (reception of control signals from ground control post: up to 30 km
- Ground control post receiver jamming range (data and telemetry channel):  up to 10 km
- UAV navigation receiver jamming range: minimum 40 km
- UAV navigation receiver spoofing range: minimum 40 km
- Setup time: 10 min
- Power supply: 220 V±10%, 50 Hz
- Crew: 4 men

Detection of UAV appearance within the station coverage; monitoring UAV displacement;

A wide range of radio reconnaissance and jamming frequencies corresponding to all possible operating UAV equipment ranges;

Detection and jamming of UAV control channels from the ground control post and data transmission channels from the UAV to the ground control post;

Effective jamming of UAV navigation, navigation spoofing, and “pulling-off” the UAV from its route or forcing an emergency landing;

Short setup and teardown time of the station due to implementation of quickly erected antenna mast devices.


• Automatic search, detection, direction finding to a UAV based on emissions of the data transmission link means (“downlink” (UAV – Ground control post));

• Automatic search, detection, direction finding to a UAV ground control post (GCP) based on emissions of the control link means (“uplink”(GCP – UAV));

• Determination (patrolling) of a UAV and GCP location zone when two “Groza-S” systems operate in coupled mode;

• Technical analysis of signals used in UAV control and data transmission links;

• Jamming of UAV control links (“uplink”);

• Jamming of data transmission links (“downlink”);

• Jamming of on-board equipment of GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO, BeiDou satellite navigation systems;

• Generation of spoofing signals against on-board equipment of GPS satellite navigation system.

UAV jamming effect:

• Crash;
• Landing in jamming environment;
• Mission fulfillment failure and return back.
"Groza-S" counter-UAV electronic warfare station
(mounted onto military vehicles)