MIL Detect & Defend Drones COMPLETE SOLUTION
Mobile / Vehicle Minimal Anti-Drone Solution

We do not need to know the exact position of the drone(s) and/or drone(s) operator. We want to be flexible and defend a wide area (i.e. borders, or urban environment, or social events etc.). We do not want any drone to approach our valuable premises / asset and avoid any espionage, hacking, criminal act and disturbances.

1.1. One (1) portable RF Spectrum Detector (No 1) device for general directional passive drone detection and early warning

Combined with

One (1) portable device of omni-directional RF jammer (No 4.1.) that will be automatically turned-on upon drone detection within our close security perimeter, in case of a multi threat scenario and with no danger of friendly forces nearby. Also, if we want to defend a narrow area (i.e. up to 300-400 m from our valuable premises / assets) at an urban and close space environment.
Rugged Computer & Monitors and life time Software support (No 5) for all devices integration and control.

All the above will be covered with installation / demonstration / usage training services / integration onboard vehicles, by our side and at our clients' spot(s).

Advantages of System

- Extremely high coverage (usually up to 6km,even further, still determined by the environment).

- Real time drones detection. Also works at night, fog and bad weather. - Works also against drones "disguised" between buildings, industrial plants, trees. - High tracking accuracy.

- Capability to track the operator who controls the drones. - Fully automatic system is ready for use within a few minutes (mobile system) and easy to install in any places. - 360 degree coverage detection with direction and altitude.

- Real-time remote control via Ethernet / LAN.

- Allows a 24/7 monitoring and recording without any gaps

- Unlimited in size & numbers of receivers, arbitrarily scalable and expandable.

- Visualized Drone Control areas setting to ensure the operator to draw the drones identification zones and drone protection zones.

- Software identifies the drone with the help of so-called 3d trigger.

- Multiple targets finding, direction finding, location and flying path drawing.
  Through the spectrum analyzing and direction finding to detect the drones, calculate the azimuth angle, cross position calculation, and then draw the coordinates of the drones in real time and flying path on the map.

- Intelligent identify the drone manufacturer brand, model number and frequency of the

By analyzing RF spectrum characteristics of potential drones and the preset drones spectrum to identify the drones manufacturer, model number and frequency hopping.

- Intelligent analyzing i.e. automatic alarm by sound and light, automatically generate the summary report
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