The WESCAM MX-25 is an advanced, industry-leading stabilized multi-sensor, multi-spectral imaging system that is renowned for high performance, operator ease-of-use, and reliability. It’s ideal for a wide range of missions, including high altitude covert intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance, armed reconnaissance, combat search and rescue.

The system provides imagers for optimal performance in a wide range of conditions; bright sunlight, overcast/dusk, smoke, and complete darkness.

That is supported by a suite of advanced image processing algorithms for noise reduction,
sharpening, and local area contrast enhancement that aid feature recognition.
Superior stabilization is the key to achieving the maximum target detection, recognition, and identification range performance from the imagers.
The WESCAM MX-25 achieves this with a hybrid active and passive jitter suppression system.  This proven architecture stabilizes all devices on the optical bench equally.

In addition, stable and accurate target geolocation ensures that the crosshairs stay on a stationary target, regardless of changes to aircraft position, attitude, and heading.

This significantly reduces the operator burden in keeping eyes on target. Advances processing features such as object tracking, image blending, and moving target indication further serve to automate the search and tracking process, allowing the operator to focus on the target versus the equipment.

To ensure that the WESCAM MX-25 is fit for the mission, it is fully qualified to MIL-STD-810 for environmental withstanding, MILSTD-461 for electromagnetic compatibility, and MIL-STD-704 for power quality
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