Parameters (L30 Model for the Fighting & Rescue Vessel)

Height 420cm
Width 270cm
Overall length 750cm
Max Speed 46 knot
Propeller Outboard Motor
Weight 3.75t
Full load draught 0.6 m
Sea State 4
Communication 15km
Endurance 300Nm.

Water Cannon Parameter

Range >30m
Flow rate 40 (L/S)
Working Pressure Range 0.8 MPa
Maximum Spary Pressure 0.2 ~ 1.4 MPa
Maximum Spray Angle >=95 degree
Pitching Angle 30 - 90 degree
Horizontal Rotation Angle 360 degree
L30 is a big platform for fire control on water. It carries professional fire water cannon equipment with 50m distance, and also life rafts & buoys.

The life raft could be released by remote control to rescue the drowning personnel.

There is a cockpit similar to a yacht which makes it available for 4-6 crews on board.

The speed of this vessel is up to 40 Knot, fast enough for most sea condition and emergency response
Autonomous Firefighting Vessel M300/L30
Fast-response in marine fire emergency
Multi-screen control base station

The multi-screen control base station can be deployed in a shore-based command center, on a mothership, or in a moving vehicle, depending on the scenario
Equipped with smart rescue equipment
The USV is deployed with smart rescue equipment
Quick response to emergency
The USV runs on a high speed water jet motor and the maximum speed can reach 30 kn, facilitating quick response to emergencies.
Unmanned firefighter is equipped with a water cannon, the M300 USV can respond briskly to marine fire accident.
Unmanned firefighter

Equipped with a water cannon, the M300 USV can respond briskly to marine fire accident.
Front Camera
Water Cannon
Search Light
Optical Eye
Side Camera
Left Raft
Twin Propeller