Mainly used for firing in troops in the open and enemy assembly areas, which cannot be engaged by flat trajectory.
Very effective for counter mortars task and enemy position on reverse slop of mountains.
Mortar fire control system

A fully integrated fire control system which enables effective, responsive and accurate fire for Mortar systems.
Mortar 81mm M69B (D) Long Barrel

Mortar 81mm is an accompanying infantry weapon, which is rapidly and simply set in firing position
Mortars & Shells

A mortar is usually a simple, lightweight, man-portable, muzzle-loaded weapon, consisting of a smooth-bore (although some models use a rifled barrel) metal tube fixed to a base plate (to spread out the recoil) with a lightweight bipod mount and a sight.

They launch explosive shells (technically called bombs) in high-arcing ballistic trajectories.

Mortars are typically used as indirect fire weapons for close fire support with a variety of ammunition.
Mortar 60 mm M57

Mortar 60 mm M57 is a infantry fire support weapon, designed for neutralization and destruction of manpower, weapon stations in open field or in light defilades. It is also used for destruction of wire obstacles, for blinding of observation posts, firing points and for battlefield illumination. The mortar is well suited for assault and special forces.
Transportation: Men carried over shorter distances.
Over longer distances, animal-pack loaded, two mortars together with ammunition.

- HE Mortal Shell (O+4) M73 Min 94m - Max 2550m
- HE Mortal Shell (O+4) M90 Min 90m - Max 2950m
- HE Mortal Shell (O+4) M91 Min 90m - Max 2950m
- SMOKE Mortal Shell (O+4) M73 Min 94m - Max 2550m
- SMOKE Mortal Shell (O+4) M91 Min 90m - Max 2950m
- ILLUMINATING Mortal Shell (O+4) M67 Min 200m - Max 2550m
- ILLUMINATING Mortal Shell (O+4) M91 Min 2004m - Max 2950m
- PRACTICE Mortal Shell M62 Min 50m - Max 280m
MORTAR light long range 60mm (M06)

M06 60 mm light long range mortar features high combat versatility and tactical flexibility, due to:
- high firepower,
- favorable portability,
- short in-action / out-of-action time,
- high accuracy

Mortar is compatible with all range of standard 60 mm mortar ammunition designed for 650 bar max. working pressure.
Base plate design provides firing from all terrain types, including concrete, increasing mortar combat versatility. Design also provides low base plate digging into soft ground and easy removal after firing.
Standard weapon crew consists of 3 soldiers: commander, gunner and loader.
Gunner and loader are carrying mortar and ammunition combat load of 6 rounds packed in backpacks; commander is carrying sight, mortar FCS and BMS with radio, gunner is carrying bipod and 6 rounds and loader is carrying barrel assembly and base plate.
Crew number depends on tactical situation and terrain conditions, i.e. ammunition supply logistics organization.
MORTAR 60mm (PP93 / PP89 / AM1)

Models, PP93/PP89/AM1
MORTAR 81mm (W87)

MORTAR 81mm Model W87

MORTAR 120mm (M75)

Light Mortar 120 mm M75 is a light weight weapon of infantry close support, designed for annihilation of manpower, destroying of firing points during artillery preparation of attack and for defence of a supported unit.

It is particularly effective on intersected and hilly terrains where the enemy may be hidden by a rear slope. 

The mortar can effectively open breaches in wire barriers or mine fields, demolish lighter fortifications and remove top soil covers over heavy bunkers.

The mortar is also well suited for combat against mechanized unites, by destroying their infantry. It is also suitable  for making of smoke screens and for target illumination at night.

Light Mortar 120 mm M75 is appropriately used by infantry battalions.
Mortar 60mm M57

Mortar 60mm M57 is very simple, convenient and efficient accompanying infantry weapon, light for transportation
Mortar Shells (60, 81, 82, 120mm)

60mm HE, Type 63
60mm General Shell HE, Type 63
60mm HE Type PP89
60mm HEI Steel Ball, Type PP93
60mm HEI Type PP93
81mm HE, Type W87
82mm Long Range HE, Type PP7
120mm HE, Type W86
Sighting Device NSB-3/M17 serves for sighting of both moving and stationary targets when firing with the light mortar 60m, 80mm, 81mm and 82mm in day and night time conditions.
Collimator reticle is being used for sighting.
To take sighting elements (line of sight adjustment in azimuth and elevation), azimuth and elevation adjustment mechanisms are used.
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