Intelligence, surveillance & reconnaissance(ISR)
Discreet surveillance
Missions in sensitive areas
Day & night routine monitoring
Surveillance of industrial sites
Emergency response
Wild fire management
Natural disaster management
Anti-poaching operations

The Delair UX11 is an ideal drone solution for highly precise and easy mapping. It delivers integrated features for before, during and after flight operations, including an embedded global shutter camera, centimeter-level precision GNSS sensor, post processed kinematic (PPK) capabilities for survey-grade results, and both 2.4 GhZ wireless and 3G/4G cellular connectivity to operate anywhere

Stealth &Rugged.
The long range tactical UAV - Secure sensitive areas over large distances.
Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition &
Reconnaissance (ISTAR)
Patrol and Convoy Escorting
Target Acquisition and Damage Assessment
Discreet Surveillance Missions in Sensitive Areas
Border Security

The SS-30 agriculture drone is specially designed for the most popular 60L capacity. 

It adopts a quick-release water tank and battery, compact body, light in weight and convenient to fold.

Radar and FPV cameras are the first choice for entry-level plant protection drones, there reserved installation space for them on the SS30, series drones.


1. Android ground station, easy to use / PC ground station, full voice broadcast
2. Router Setting support, Fully Auto Flight operation with A,B Point operation.
3. One Button take-off and landing, More safety and time saving.
4. Continue Spraying at Breakpoint, Auto Return when finish liquid and low Battery.
5. Liquid Detection, Break Point record setting.
6. Battery Detection, Low Battery return and Record point setting available.
7. Terrain following Radar, Stable Altitude setting
8. Vibration Protection, Lost Contact protective, Tank empty detect
9. Motor Sequence Detection and Direction detection Function.
10. Dual Pump Mode
11. The night vision function
12. Three anti - one lamp
Large Payload Long Endurance Hybrid Power Medium UAV

Extra-long flight time (14 hours) and exceptional payload capability (up to 25KG) makes CW-100 an excellent choice for large-scale missions. Multiple payloads can be integrated according to your operational requirements.

Benefits and Features

With the continuous technical updates , our drones bring many actual benefits to our customers, including saving time and cost, getting more comprehensive data, keeping personnel safe.

Endurance: 14 Hrs (Hybrid)
Speed: Cruising 135Km/Hr
Wing Span: 5200mm
Payload; =<25.0Kg
MTOW: 110kg
Range: 200Km
Ceiling: 5100m
Hybrid Gasoline & Battery Medium UAV

Long endurance, large payload, stable structure and high reliability, two version gasoline or heavy oil-powered VTOL fixed-wing UAV is specially designed for both land or sea-base mission featuring high-precision and large-area aviation applications.

Operators can also navigate the CW-40 while using the JO-VTOL Eagle Map with integrated features of mission planning, video surveillance, real-time mosaic, Al processing, multi-station networking, remote take-off & landing, etc, which will offer your real-time situational awareness and actionable intelligence.

Endurance: 10 Hrs (Hybrid)
Speed: Cruising 90Km/Hr
Wing Span: 4600mm
Payload; =<25.0Kg
MTOW: 45Kg
Ceiling: 6500m

Long Data Link: The max 200km control link greatly increases the CW-40's flight
distance. This gives the CW-40 huge advantages for tasks such as long-range

We designed the PRO Shark VTOL based on the success platform of FireFly which carry forward the most efficient of its kind.

Product Introduction

- Ideal combination of high energy density gasoline and high efficiency electric motor
- Complete composite construction using carbon fibre and Kevlar on a rigid honeycomb core structure
- New fuselage design concept that conceals all avionics cables
- Robust structure engineered to industrial quality
- Redundant power system for flight controller to maximize safety
- Compatible with PC-based, full-featured, open source autopilot system
- High durability gasoline engine from Germany
- Built in 5.2 L fuel tank
- Easy to assemble in the field, no need for expert skill
- VTOL to suit virtually any mission

Endurance: >5 Hrs (Hybrid) <3 Hrs (Motor)
Speed: Cruising 100Km/Hr, Maximum 120Km/h
Wing Span: 4400mm
Payload; 3 to 10 Kg
MTOW: 40Kg
Ceiling: 4000m

MEGA SHARK is a big UAS VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing)

Endurance: >5 Hrs (Hybrid), <3Hrs (Motor)
Speed: Cruising 100Km/Hr, Max 120Km/Hr
Wing Span: 4400mm
Payload: 3 to 10Kg
Range: 100Km  to 150Km

A big UAS VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing).

Endurance: 2 Hrs (Motor)
Speed: Cruising 86Km/Hr, Max 120Km/Hr
Wing Span: 3500mm
Payload; 7.8Kg
Range: Up to 100Km 
HCUAV-540 Heavy duty UAV

The HCUAV-540 Heavy duty UAV adopts a hybrid electric power system. It is a vertical take-off and landing fixed-wing UAV platform with universal mounting capabilities. It can carry different mission loads to complete normal inspections, 2D/3D aerial surveys, special equipment transportation, etc.
For missions,  the platform is capable of fully autonomous flight and can be equipped with missile launching equipment to accurately track and strike targets

Wingspan: 6.4m
Length: 3.7m
Cruising Speed: 126-162 Km/h
Take-off and landing method: VTOL
Collective material: Carbon Fiber
Max Payload: 30Kg
Max Take-off Weight: 140Kg
Max Flight Altitude: 5000m
Max Endurance time: 8 hours
Rain and Dust Protection level: IP54
Estimated Flight Distance: 1000 Km
Power System: LB-275 Power System
High Stability MTBF
Can Be Equipped with Missile Launchers
Target Tracking and Strike
Common Platform Multiple Type Loads
Mapping/GIS Services

We use drones (small unmanned helicopters and planes) for aerial surveys and mapping.
This is achieved by combining low altitude aerial photography with geometrically calibrated cameras and a technique called photogrammetry. With these pictures we create 3D digital elevation and terrain models as well as orthophoto mosaics.

Orion (HORIZON) Unmanned Aerial System is an advanced tethered drone system providing continuous aerial coverage over large areas for law enforcement, public safety, private security and military uses, asset protection, event security, emergency communications and crisis monitoring

Under contractual agreement with well known manufactures we supply UAV and Drone Systems and build to order (BTO) UAVs and Drones for special use to all countries/entities that are not under any restriction or embargo from the United Nations.

The military micro drone is comparable to the Black Hornet and can be used for close-in reconnaissance, public domain security surveillance and hazardous chemical warehouses and pipelines.
The micro military drone can transmit high-definition or live images at a distance of up to 2km.

The MUG-V5000 is an exceptionally large aircraft designed for professional use and can be equipped with a full system of advanced control electronics.
Wingspan: 5000mm
Length: 3500mm
Maximum Payload: 20kg
Volume of Fuel Tank: 28Liters
Endurance: up to 8 Hours

SPARROW is a big UAS VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing).

Endurance: 2 Hrs
Speed: Crusing 86Km/Hr, Max100Km/Hr
Wing Span: 3500mm
Payload; 7.8Kg (Max with battery)

FIREFLY UAV designed to be the most efficient of its kind.
Endurance: 5 Hrs (MTOW 21Kg)
Speed: Cruising 86Km/hr, Max 115Km/hr
Wing Span: 3500mm
Payload; 10 Kg
Motor: 500Kv
MTWO: 21Kg

SuperBird PLUS
is a composite vertical take-off and landing VTOL applies fixed wing combined with the quad-rotor complex fixed wing layout, which solves the problem of vertical take-off and landing in a simple and reliable way.
VTOL is equipped with LRF and Thermal Camera
Surveillance VTOL IA-M9

The VTOL IA-M9 is a purely electric composite wing vertical take-off and landing fixed wing, equipped with Corbett's standard quick-release system, which allows for rapid load changes according to mission requirements.
Surveillance VTOL IA-M11

The VTOL IA-M11 is a pure electric composite vertical take-off and landing fixed wing. In order to meet the requirements of large load and long endurance, the flight platform adopts double tail braces design, which can be assembled and deployed quickly without tools, featuring large load and stable flight
Surveillance VTOL IA-M10

The VTOL IA-M10 is a medium-sized composite vertical take-off and landing fixed wing with a quick-disassembly design for tool-less assembly and deployment, a streamlined fuselage with a V-tail design for stable and reliable flight, an endurance of up to 180 minutes (for the 6-electric version), a mission load of up to 10kg, and a variety of industrial payloads and mission pods.

XC-150 gasoline electric hybrid VTOL

The entire system adopts a multi-redundancy design to ensure the UAV is highly reliable.

Flight Speed: 110-140km/Hour
MTOW: 150Kg
Endurance: 12 Hrs
Mission radius: 200Km
Max Payload: 40Kg
Engine Power: 18KW
Service Selling: 4500m
XC-25 electric VTOL

XC-25 is built with a redundant design of all critical systems, such as smart batteries, rudder, IMU, GNSS and magnetic sensors etc.
Flight Speed: 72-120km/Hour
MTOW: 25Kg
Endurance: 5 Hrs
Mission radius: 100Km
Max Payload: 6Kg
Service Selling: 6000m
XC-15 electric VTOL

XC-15 is a light and small electric VT OL fixed wing UAV. Its key systems adopt redundancy design to ensure high reliability and safety.
Flight Speed: 65-120km/Hour
MTOW: 21.5Kg
Endurance: 3 Hrs
Mission radius: 50Km
Max Payload: 3Kg
Service Selling: 7000m
SG V900 Hybrid VTOL

SG V900 offers an exceptional combination of long-endurance flight (up to 6 hours) and impressive payload capacity (up to 45kg), making it an excellent choice for industrial and military applications requiring large-scale missions

is a composite vertical take-off and landing VTOL applies fixed wing combined with the quad-rotor complex fixed wing layout, which solves the problem of vertical take-off and landing in a simple and reliable way.

SG V160H is a heavy-duty vertical take-off and  
landing fixed-wing UAV with a flight time of up  
to 10 hours and a maximum payload of 15 kg.  
It provides an excellent solution for cargo  
transportation and efficient monitoring with a  
gimbal camera. Its advanced design and  
features make it an ideal partner for air  
Endurance 50 Min
Weight 2.5Kg
Range 60Km
Pre-flight setup time 5 min
Endurance 35 Min
Weight 2.9Kg
Range 60Km
Pre-flight setup time 5 min
Endurance 45 Min
Weight 2.5Kg
Range 60Km
Pre-flight setup time 5 min