We are contractual business and strategic partners of many well known worldwide manufacturers in all products, special equipment and High Technology systems related to Defense and Security sector.

We keep branches in various countries in order to well service our clients globally, while our group is constituted by affiliated Companies and business partners in Security, Maritime Security and Land Security services.

We are here to accomplish your needs in all levels related to your Defense, Security and Safety sectors.
Since 2001 we are your defense and security business strategic partner.

We are a group of well established Defense and Security firms that are offering innovative concepts of national defense and private security solutions and policies with analytical expertise and a wide range of weapon systems for air, sea, and land-based applications

Our uniquely comprehensive security solutions are specifically tailored to engage the emerging needs of governments and private entities in the 21st Century and we are fully committed to providing innovative defense and security expertise with the utmost levels of professionalism and fidelity to ensure that all clients are presented with the most effective solution to any concern.

We are NATO certified Companies, UN registered suppliers, we have obtained all relevant commercial and services licenses and we have met all the criteria and qualifications, under law, to provide defense and safety services in all aspects of the security industry.

We are flexible, accurate, with many years of experience in defense and safety business and the proof of our excellent services.
Defense Detainment & Hard Kill Systems