Hull Material: Carbon Fiber
Dimension: (L)168 cm *(W)73 cm *(H)26 cm
Weight: 30 kg
Power:Electric water-jet propulsion
Lifetime: 60 mins
Payload:200 kg
Heating Temp.: 27.2℃
Max. Speed: 4.7 m/s
Communication Range: 800m
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Ducted propellers
Floating Rope
Bumper Strip
Warning Light
Charging Port
Heating Device
Ergonomic & Safety
Free from Injury and tangling
Automatic heat up device
High visibility
Easy to use and deploy in seconds
Powerful motors and Strong buoyancy
Smart rescue
Goods transport
Low battery warning
Operator can quickly and easily to drive the device to victim on shore or on vessel.
After victim got picked up by the device, the device will bring the victim to a safe place. 
To victims who are unable to move at all, the device can drive backward to pick them up
Water Rescue Stretcher Bed (USV)
The stretcher bed is a rescuing device embeds with a power system.
It can be cased to water on shore or on avessel and be directed by a remote controller to rescue victims.

Hull Material: Carbon Fiber
Equipped with smart rescue equipment

The USV is deployed with smart rescue equipment like an ejectable life-raft, a remote controlled life bed and a lifebuoy.
Search Module
Help Module
Water Rescue Stretcher Bed
Smart - Fast - Accurate - Safe