Many DEFEND DRONES manufacturers assure us that they have the correct systems to defend against drones. But the critical question is: how can you defend against a drone equipped with a camera, GPS, and possibly other devices if you cannot detect it first?

No security guard, fence, alarm, or other technology can effectively defend against small, micro, or nano drones that can easily penetrate your property through any open path, potentially damaging your reputation, business, and life.

We provide innovative solutions to meet a wide range of defense and security needs, offering all the necessary training and equipment to ensure your security and safety.
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Portable/Vehicle Mounted System to Detect & Defend Drones

Detect and defend drones system for governmental/military proposes
Spherical inspection and jamming equipment

Detection angle: Omni Directional
Detection distance: 3-5Km

Jamming angle: Omni Directional
Jamming distance: 1-2Km
Mercury Detect/Defend UAV/Drones System IAW1520D

MERCURY IAW1520D system is a cost-effective solution used in the shipping industry for the protection of ships from drone/UAV attacks (24/7).

It can detect drones/UAVs in a distance of up to 3 km and defend these within 2Km radius of the vessel.
Mercury Detect/Defend UAV/Drones System
WS-DF-5000A & WS-ODNF3000-B

WS-DF-5000A RF Detector with CRPC
technology represents a cutting edge 
advancement in the field.

Drone RF WS-ODNF3000-B Jamming System
swiftly neutralizes rogue drones by disrupting
GPS and remote control signals.
Spherical inspection, location and jamming equipment

Detection angle: Omni Directional
Detection distance: 7-10Km
Detection angle: 360 degrees

Jamming angle: Omni Directional
Jamming distance: 1-2Km
Drone detection interference integration

This drone detection and control integrated
equipment is a multi-form (fixed and vehicle-
mounted, building-mounted, ship-mounted)
drone detection, positioning, and control
integrated equipment equipped with a
comprehensive drone control system. .
Signal Jammers

Signal jammers are devices designed to
disrupt communication by transmitting signals
on the same frequencies used by mobile
phones, radios, or other communication
devices including Drones.
Their usage is typically restricted to law
enforcement, military, and certain security
AI2  BACKPACK & TTSKW02 Drones Signal Jammers

This is a back pack type is a is a detect device for drones and alarm drone signal jammer for personal use with built-in rechargeable battery.
- It can automatically force drone leave or land in about 1000 to 1500 meter radius with high gain OMNI directional antenna.
Drone Detection & DF Handset

This is a carry-on device for drone detection, identification and alarm.
An optional direction finding antenna comes with the device, giving it the capability to determine the rough direction of a coming drone. The device collects surrounding radio signals and sorts drone signals out via deep learning.  When a drone is identified, it alerts people through sound and/or light alarms.
Drone Detection & DF Handset

is a detect device for drone detection, identification and alarm. An optional direction finding antenna comes with the device, giving it the capability to determine the rough direction of a coming drone.
The device collects surrounding radio signals and sorts drone signals out via deep learning.
When a drone is identified, it alerts people through sound and/or light alarms
AI2 Backpack DRONES Signal Jammers

This is a back pack type drone signal jammer for personal use with built-in rechargeable battery.
- It can automatically force drone leave or land in about 1000 to 1500 meter radius with high gain OMNI directional antenna;
- and force drone leave or land in about 1500 to 2000 meter with high gain
directional antenna targeting the drone
Detect & Defend Drone/UAV Mercury DJ32P

Passive Detection
: Passively receives signals, does not emit any electromagnetic signals, able to  detect drone model and its electronic fingerprint
Direction Finding Accuracy: Accurately determine the drone’s intrusion direction and indicate   the target
Identification Accuracy: Accurately identify different drones of the same brand, same model, and  same frequency band
Precise Defense: Designate to jam any one of the two drones
Full-autonomy Mode: 24-hour automatic detection and alarm, no need of personnel on duty 
Combined Defense: combination of narrowband, frequency hopping, low-power precise defense  and wideband high-power jamming
Black & White List: Able to mark the drone into black and white list with a single click, and the  white list drone does not alarm
Model Library: Support all DJI models, mainstream brands, DIY drones. Cover more than 98% of  drone models on the market

Detect and defend drones system for governmental and military proposes.
DEFENDER Anti Drone System

Skylock Defender designed for governments, HLS agencies, Police and Special Units in the public safety arena.
Auto Counter UAVs Solution

As rapid evolution of low-cost, highly capable drones presents a new set of challenges. The concerns grow, a new market for counter-drone technology is rapidly emerging.
Our integrated anti drone solution unique and flexible approach enables us to offer comprehensive drone defense protection.
Passive radar detection device is  developed to search & detect the moving target in low  altitude  (100~1000m)  and  super  low  altitude (under 100) in all-direction and all-weather.
It can detect the  UAV target and early warning by analyzing and recognizing the UAV control signal and data link return  signal. What's more, multi-passive radar networking  can realize direction and distance measurement for  UAV and its controller

Neutralizing kamikaze drones, also known as loitering munitions or suicide drones, requires a multi-faceted approach due to their unique capabilities.

These drones are designed to linger in the air until a target is identified, then dive into the target, detonating on impact.

Here are several strategies and technologies that can be employed:

Electronic Countermeasures (ECM): Jamming the communication and control frequencies of the drones can render them ineffective. This includes GPS jamming to disrupt their navigation systems.

Anti-Drone Systems: Specialized anti-drone systems, such as those equipped with directed energy weapons (lasers), can be effective. These systems can detect, track, and neutralize drones before they reach their target.

Radar and Detection Systems: Advanced radar systems capable of detecting small, low-flying objects can provide early warning of incoming kamikaze drones. These systems must be able to differentiate drones from birds and other small objects.

Interception with Fighter Aircraft or Drones: Deploying fighter aircraft or defensive drones to intercept and destroy kamikaze drones before they reach their target.

Physical Shields and Barriers: Reinforcing key infrastructure with physical barriers that can withstand explosions, though this is more of a mitigation strategy than a neutralization method.

Cyber Defense: Since these drones are often controlled via a network, strengthening cybersecurity to prevent hacking or taking control of the drone systems can be a critical defense strategy.

Geofencing: Implementing geofencing to create virtual barriers that drones cannot cross, especially around sensitive or high-value areas.

Intelligence and Pre-emptive Actions: Gathering intelligence on the potential use and deployment of such drones can lead to pre-emptive actions to prevent their launch.

Training and Preparedness: Training military personnel in recognizing and responding to the threat posed by kamikaze drones is essential.

International Cooperation and Regulation: Working with international bodies to regulate the sale and transfer of such drones can help limit their proliferation.

Each of these methods has its advantages and limitations, and a combination of strategies is often most effective in providing a robust defense against kamikaze drones. It's important to ensure that any countermeasures are in compliance with international law and respect the principles of proportionality and distinction in armed conflict.

TDOA Drone Detect and Defense Management Platform

TDOA Drone Defense Management platform provides 7x24 hours drone monitoring and
early warning, identification and positioning, agile countermeasures, data statistics and
system integration and other drone defense and control services.

The platform is based on a cloud-native architecture and can be deployed in public clouds, private clouds or local servers according to customer needs.

User logs into the management and control interface through a web page to obtain the
identity information and flight trajectory of drones in the control area in real time.

When an unwanted drone is found to try to invade the protected area, the platform will
intelligently assist in decision-making and link countermeasures to conduct a precise
strike to make it fly away or make a forced landing.

TDOA X4 Drone Detection System
TDOA X5 Drone Defense System
TDOA Multi-technology Converged Drone Defense System
TDOA City-scale Networking Drone Defense and Management System

Deep Signal Inspection (DSI) technology, developed and pioneered by International Armour for advanced signal processing & identification. It leverages the receiving and decoding of the protocols transmitted by wireless signal sources (e.g. drones, cellphones, IoT devices and other wireless devices).

Rapid Target Inspection (RTI) technology is optimized for detecting tiny targets in high-resolution 4k images. By employing advanced AI-assisted scanning strategies, our powerful camera system can quickly pinpoint long-distance objects for target inspection and further analysis.

Time-Difference-of-Arrival (TDOA) technology is the advanced method of determining a transmitter location by measuring the time differences for a transmitted signal to reach each node of a receiver network. A network of spatially separated sensors can use TDOA measurements to determine the location of a drone that is detected simultaneously by at least three of the sensors in the network.
Detect/Alert/Geolocate/Track- both Drone and the Pilot

Portable and lightweight,  IA-P5000 is a complete drone detection system that detects, identifies, and warns on UAV communication links in real-time, as well as gathers real-time data such as flight status, routes, and distance.
It's a compact casing with a mechanism that allows for real-time tracking of drones and their pilots. 
The solution supports the detection of both DJI and Non-DJI drones.
The ultimate mobile and self-contained drone-detecting solution. It is a small portable-case containing advanced technologies that permit real-time tracking of drones and their pilots.
The touch screen displays detailed telemetry data, including the drone model, serial number, speed, geolocation, altitude, and movements of the drone, as well as the pilot's position.
The mobile IA-P5000, as opposed to the fixed- deployed unit, is suitable for event monitoring, public safety events, VIP security, and different fields. Due to its compact, mobile, easy-operating settings, minimal training is required for adaptation of solution. IA-P5000, provides central monitoring, command, and investigative capabilities while combining data from prior flights (history reports).
GIANT Multi Sensors Military Anti Drone System

It is a multi-sensor integrated system that uses RF spectrum detection, direction finding and visual analytic to automatically detect, classify and track commercial drones.

Governmental and military proposes.

Software DZDG1.0-MC1 for RF detector
and Jammer integration with Lifetime
software update
One (1) portable device DZDF-3A4D for
general directional passive drone
One (1) portable device DZDG1.0-ODNF1
of high power omnidirectional RF jammer
DWARF Detect & Defend Drones Military Full system

Detect and defend drones system for governmental and military proposes.
TSL Drone Defense system up to 20km

5km UAV detection distance (DJI Phantom 4)
-Target speed detection range: 0.5~300m/s
- 360° scan
- Radiation safety distance requirement compliance (
- Radiation hardening & ECCM compliance
- 24/7, weather-proof operation

The XSENTRY-CUAV EOST search and tracking system is mainly used in counter UAV applications.  It is used to provide real-time reconnaissance and warning of incoming drones, UAV, aircraft etc.  The EOST act as the detection, search and tracking sensor, which can be used for standalone and also can be integrated with 3rd party C-UAV system.

IA-Gun is an all-in-one C-UAV solution, capable of both UAV detection and defense.
It can perform drone detection, identification, and direction finding, and is equipped with combat capabilities.
Through omni-directional scanning of radio signals, IA-gun actively searches for drones.
Drones Countermeasures