International Business Compliance: We engage in global partnerships exclusively with legally licensed entities, including companies, factories, and manufacturers involved in the production and trade of defense, security, and high-technology products or services. Our operations comply with all applicable international laws and regulations.


UN and Hellenic Republic Compliance: We adhere strictly to international standards, conducting business solely with countries and companies not subject to any sanctions or embargoes imposed by the United Nations or the Hellenic Republic (Greece).


Regulatory Adherence: Our activities are rigorously regulated and inspected by relevant governmental and police agencies in the respective countries of operation, ensuring compliance with all legal requirements.


Product-Specific Regulations: Certain specialized products, such as ammunition and firearms, necessitate End-User Certificates (EUC) or specific import and export permissions.


Client Engagement Criteria:


Legal Entity Requirement: We engage only with legal business entities and agencies authorized by their respective government and police authorities to purchase and import defense and security products.


End-User Certification / Import License: All buyers/end-users must furnish a duly signed End-User Certificate for the desired items or relevant Import Permission from the destination country.


Government Approval / Export license: All transactions require final approval from the respective Ministry of Defense or other governing bodies in the supplying country.

The export license is a government document granting the licensee the right to export a specific quantity of a commodity to a specified country and it's issued against a relevant import license or EUC issued by the end-user.


US Firearms Regulations: Automatic weapons sales are restricted to military or law enforcement entities in the USA unless sold within a Free Trade Zone to a Federal Firearms License (FFL) and ATF Form 6.


Western European Firearms Sales: In most Western European countries, sales are limited to semi-automatic weapons for certified business entities, provided these weapons are manufactured initially as semi-automatics and have not been modified from automatic versions.


Local and National Regulations: The sale of firearms is governed by the buyer's local and national firearm regulations.


Limited Private Sales: A select range of our products is available for sale to private individuals.


Third-Party Representation: Agents or representatives acting on behalf of third parties must present valid authorization to represent these entities.




Request for Quotation (RFQ): In our commitment to a transparent and efficient procurement process, INTERNATIONAL ARMOUR GROUP requests all potential buyers to submit an official Request for Quotation (RFQ) with all necessary details for evaluation by our Commercial Department. For RFQs submitted on behalf of another party (end-user), the applicant must provide legal authorization from the end user, confirming the requester's authorization to negotiate. This procedure ensures a seamless evaluation process, maintaining our standards for compliance and integrity in procurement activities.


Evaluation and Offer: Upon a positive assessment of the Buyer's RFQ by our Commercial Department, we will issue an official offer for the potential Buyer's evaluation and acceptance.


Offer Acceptance and Order Confirmation: Once our offer is accepted by the potential Buyer, we will issue an order confirmation for signing and stamping, along with requisite documents that the Buyer must complete, sign, and stamp.


End User Certificate (EUC) or Import Permission: Depending on the nature of the product, an End User Certificate (EUC) or  import permission is required, along with export permission from the exporter of the goods.

The EUC must be issued and signed by the end user. If the end user is a private company, it requires the co-signature of the relevant governmental entity from the end user’s country, or an import permission that is duly authorized and stamped by the same.

An import license is a document issued by a national government authorizing the importation of certain goods into its territory.

Each license specifies the volume of imports allowed, and the total volume allowed should not exceed the quota.

An End-user certificate, or EUC, is a document used in international transfers, including sales and arms provided as aid, of weapons and ammunition to certify that the buyer is the final recipient of the materials and is not planning on transferring the materials to another party.

The import license or the EUC must be issued and certified by the end-user Country and must be issued by a Governmental Authority that has the right to this


Down Payment for Production Security: A down payment is required to secure the production or provision of any agreed-upon quantities or in-stock goods. The down payment serves as a guarantee for the specified items.

This guarantee amount, stipulated in a corresponding invoice, is payable post-contract signing and is deducted from the final payment upon completion of the order or readiness of goods for export.


Full Payment for Exported Goods: All goods intended for export must be fully paid for prior to shipment. No products will be dispatched without full payment.


Letter of Credit (L/C) Requirements: In cases involving an L/C, it must be confirmed and guaranteed by a top 5 international bank, subject to approval by our bank and bankers. All L/C-related expenses are borne by the Buyer.


Provision of Export Documents: Upon full payment, we will provide the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Certificate, Packing List, and the Air Waybill (AWB) or Bill of Lading (BL) of the goods, including the final invoice issued in the Buyer's name.


Transportation Costs: Transportation costs are typically the responsibility of the Buyer, unless a different arrangement has been mutually agreed upon by the parties.




Time Frame for Export and Delivery: The timeframe required for the issuance of export licenses/permissions and the readiness of ordered goods for export and delivery to the end-user country is always subject to the laws and regulations of the exporter's country.


Potential Delays:  Delays in export licensing or delivery may occur due to various factors, including:


Force Majeure: As defined by the International Chamber of Commerce.


Responsibility of End User or Buyer: Delays resulting from issues on the end-user's or buyer's side, such as delays in End User Certificate (EUC) or import license issuance, typographical errors in EUC/import licenses leading to their invalidation, issuance of non-valid import licenses, failure to issue appropriate licenses, or missing required documents.


Non-Payment by Buyer: Delays due to the buyer's failure to make timely payments.


International Holidays: Delays caused by international holidays.  These delays are not the responsibility of the Seller, manufacturer, or exporter.


Additional Costs Due to Delays: Extra costs incurred due to the responsibility of the End User or Buyer, such as storage fees, interest charges, banking expenses, or any other related costs, are to be borne entirely by the Buyer/End User, payable against the relevant invoice(s).


Condition for Delivery: Goods are typically delivered only after full payment for all ordered items has been received. In cases where this condition is not met, a relevant contract and agreement must be in place to facilitate delivery.


Order Cancellation: Cancellation of any order or part thereof is subject to our established


Order Cancellation Policy. Cancellations must be submitted in writing by the Buyer or the End-User, with a clear explanation of the reasons for cancellation according to our Order Cancellation Policy




1. Cancellation within Seven Days:


Official orders confirmed with our company may be cancelled without any financial liability to the principal, provided the cancellation occurs within seven (7) days of order confirmation, and the order has not entered the execution phase, i.e., production has not commenced nor has any documents have been processed for the issuance of an export permit.


2. Cancellation Charges Based on Order Stage:


Cancellation charges will be imposed on officially confirmed orders based on their stage of progress, calculated as a percentage of the total order cost:


Pre-Production Cancellation (with Export License Application):


If an order is not in production but an application for an export license has been filed (when required), a cancellation fee equivalent to twenty percent (20%) of the order cost will be charged.


Cancellation During Production:


In cases where the order is in production at the time of cancellation, the fee will amount to fifty percent (50%) of the total order cost. This amount if has been paid is not refundable.


Cancellation Post-Production:


If a customer's order has progressed to the post-production stage, and the customer opts, for any reason other than force majeure, to cancel the order or abstain from fulfilling their financial obligation, having received prior written notification (via email or written messages through designated communication channels such as the WhatsApp or Telegram or Viber etc.), any payment made by the customer shall be deemed non-refundable.

In such cases, our company retains the right to seek extra compensation for any outstanding debts or damages not covered by the received payment.

This policy has been implemented to ensure the preservation of our steadfast commitment to delivering top-tier products and services while simultaneously addressing any financial repercussions associated with order cancellations.


3. No Refunds for Non-Fulfillment of Financial Obligations:


No refunds will be issued if the customer fails to fulfil its remaining financial obligations within ten (10) calendar days following a prime written notification (via email or communication platforms such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, etc.) that the products ordered are ready for delivery/export. In this case, the customer will also lose his order if he cannot absorb it in another legal way and a new sale and purchase agreement.

This includes any remaining balance payments, submission of necessary documents for export, or resolution of issues required for transfer.


4. Non-Refundable Costs and Expense Charges:


Costs related to transportation, storage, customs authorities, cancellation or issuance of export licenses, and handling expenses are non-refundable and will always be borne by the customer.

This policy ensures a transparent and equitable framework for our company and customers, aligning with professional and responsible business conduct standards.




INTERNATIONAL ARMOUR GROUP, as a responsible and reputable company, wishes to formally notify all our valued clients of our strict policies and procedures regarding business dealings and representation.


We wish to clarify that INTERNATIONAL ARMOUR does not engage in any business relationships or collaborations with companies or entities claiming to be our dealers, co-operators, agents, or representatives through internet websites, forums, B2B web pages, or any platform that resembles our company's identity. The only exception to this is when such entities possess a valid representation letter issued by us, which can be duly verified through our official channels.


In the event that you encounter any questionable or fraudulent communication from an entity lacking the necessary credentials from INTERNATIONAL ARMOUR, we kindly request you to promptly report such instances to us via email at or or Your vigilance in this matter is greatly appreciated.


Furthermore, we want to emphasize that, apart from our official Directors and authorized personnel, no other entity possesses the authority to engage in negotiations, discussions, document signings, or any actions that commit our company legally or financially. Any entity seeking to act on our behalf must hold a legally sanctioned authorization letter issued by INTERNATIONAL ARMOUR. This authorization letter will be clearly identifiable by the company's signature and stamp, accompanied by specific instructions, permissions, a defined scope of authority, and a validity date.


It is imperative to note that INTERNATIONAL ARMOUR cannot be held responsible if you become a victim of fraudulent deals or commitments with any entity lacking the necessary credentials and authorization from our company.


For your reference, please be aware that any email communication purportedly from INTERNATIONAL ARMOUR that does not originate from our official domains ( or or should be considered fraudulent and invalid.


We thank you for your continued trust and cooperation as we uphold the highest standards of integrity and security in all our business interactions.