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Rifles Scopes & Sights

Optics for Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines & Coast Guards available from well known manufacturers

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Vehicle Thermal Imager Night Vision
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Thermal Imager Night Vision Camera for Car
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Vehicle Observation EO System

Spike-J Panoramic Stitching Vision-enhanced Night Vision Device is equipped with multiple infrared and visible light sensors to provide multi-spectral wide FOV at the same operating distance through seamless image mosaic technology.
Visible light resolution: 1920Χ1080Χ3
Infrared resolution: 640Χ512Χ3

12μm @ 1280*1024 VoX uncooled 
Ingress class
Operation temperature
-40℃ ~ +55℃
We supply a wide range of defense equipment and accessories from top quality and approved worldwide manufacturers. 

We deliver firearms to the countries/entities that are not under any restriction or embargo from the European Union and/or the United Nations.

We deliver whatever you need, whenever you need it, wherever you request it with safety and accuracy under the most cost effective prices for your business.

We only legal cooperate with countries, companies and organizations that are not under sanctions from United Nations.
Sights & Vision (Optics - Thermal - EO systems)
Tom-HDB Three Optical Channels HD Binoculars

Tom-HDB Three Optical Channels HD Binoculars has two HD observing channels.
The color day channel has a resolution of 5,000,000 pixels, and the thermal imaging channel has a resolution of 800,000 pixels.
With the built-in positioning module, digital magnetic compass, and laser rangefinder, it can quickly and accurately locate itself and the target.
And the target information can be acquired and uploaded. Tom-HDB has small size and low power consumption and is adaptive to various complex climates and environments.

- HD thermal images
- HD color day images
- Targeting positioning system
- Intelligent
- Light weight
- Long battery life
1. World-creatively low light night vision ,with the AI enhance technology,it significantly shows the object with full color, even if there is dim night light;

2. Pioneering electronic-focusing Technology;

3. It can definitely observe objects 1,200 yards away with range finder ( optional);

4. Four visual modes: daytime, night ,AI and imitation thermographic mode.

5. Pan-tilt as optional, the user can observe an object all directions with different angles.
Low light night vision, with the strong AI
Vehicle Observation EO System

SPIKE-A Photoelectric Reconnaissance and Loading System is stabilized and can be operated by day and night. Operational functions include surveillance, target identification, and tracking. It can be widely used in vehicle reconnaissance, security protection, maritime enforcement, and other fields.

10μm @ 1260*1024 VoX uncooled
Thermal: 1024*768
1280/640 option) 22.9-100mm
6KM (1550nm)
Low light: Option
Ingress class: IP67
Operation temperature: -40℃ ~ +55℃
Frenzy 1x17x24 Red Dot Sight Coyote FDE
Fit to rifles/pistols/shotguns

7.62 .
9mm pistols
.45 pistols
3MOA Dot Size with 8 Levels & 2 NV Red Dot Intensity, FDE Coyote Finish
TEK Footprint w/ 4 Sets Screws, 50,000 Hours Battery Runtime for Weakest Visible Dot
IPX6 Water Proof, Take 9mm, 45ACP, 12GA and Lapua Magnum 338 Recoil
6061-T6 Aluminum Alloy Housing, Parallax Set @ 25 Yards, Premier Lens Coating
On/off Switches on Side, Complete User Control and 4 Hours Auto Shut-down

Window Lens Size: 24X17mm

Length: 46mm / 1.8"

Width: 32mm / 1.2"

Height: 35mm / 1.4"

Weight (net):26g / 0.9oz

Eye Relief: Free

Field of View: 27°

Optics Coating: Multi Coated

Parallax:±1.0MOA @ 25 yards

Elevation Range: 45MOA

Windage Range: 45MOA

Dot Size: 3MOA

Dot Intensity: 8 levels & 2 night vision dot

Battery Runtime: 50,000 hours

Battery Type: CR2032

Footprint: Vector Optics TEK with 4 sets of different screws

Finish: Coyote FDE

For close-in work and general shooting

IPX6 water proof up to 1 meter depth for 30 minutes

Working Temperature: -20 to 55C

High quality aluminum alloy 6061 in durable black matte finish

Tested on 9mm pistol, 30-06 rifle and 12 GA shotgun

Package includes: retail package, screws, rubber lens cover, hex keys and cleaning cloth etc

As a pioneer of scopes industry in Asia, Vector Optics has committed to provide top riflescopes in the world market.
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