FIREFLY VTOL (FF VTOL) Custom Build BTO (Build to order)

FIREFLY is a big VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing) UAV that has a 3500 mm wingspan.

FIREFLY UAV designed  to be the most efficient of its kind.

That means low stall speeds, high max efficiency, a large cruise window and payload capacity, self cooling fuselage, built in component bays and an entirely electric propulsion system.

This equates to less energy expended and more time in the air.

The forward swept wing means its leading edge and trailing edge are swept forward, that is, the sweep angle is an acute angle.

The tip string is in front of the root string, and the left and right wings are projected in a plan view to form a V shape.

Since the airflow on the forward swept wing points to the wing root, the airflow is first split from the wing root at high angle of attack, which fundamentally overcomes the wing tip stall problem, so the low speed performance is excellent, the lift being increased and at the same time improving the aerodynamic efficiency of the wing panel.

VTOL Documents/Software

Filename Date Size
FIREFLY-MANUAL.pdfNovember 27 2021, 13:20:101.47MB
FIREFLY-PRE-FLIGHT-PREPARATION.pdfNovember 27 2021, 13:20:100.96MB
FIREFLY-S40-S50-MANUAL.pdfNovember 27 2021, 13:21:508.36MB
UAV_GCS50-V1.1.6.exeNovember 27 2021, 13:20:5037.22MB
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