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We closely cooperate with reputed Chinese Small Firearms Manufacturers for governmental entities and for civilian markets, globally.

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CS LS7 (9mm)

Developed for special forces operators and law enforcement agents, designed for modern warfare and complex CQB environment with full ergonomic
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- Polymer structure
- Ambidextrous fire mode selector
- Low recoil and high rate of fire
- Lightweight and compact
CS LS3 (9mm)

Built for CQB environments with extraordinary performance. Many positive feedbacks were received from military and law enforcement personnel overseas
Retractable stock
magazine release
Polymer construction
Compact size
Low recoil and high rate of fire
Calibre: 9Χ19mm
Overall length: 505mm-675mm
Weight (with an empty magazine): 3.2kg
Effective range: 150m
Fire mode: Semi/full-auto/burst
Magazine capacity: 30 Rd
Retractable stock
CS LS2 (9mm)

Engineered for special forces operators and secret service agents, attached with a suppressor for less flash, smoke and noise signatures. An ideal choice for CQB scenarios and self-defense.
Suppressor attached to muzzle     
Grip safety
Lightweight and compact
Calibre: 9Χ19mm
Overall length: 500mm
Weight (with an empty magazine):2.3kg      Effective range: 150m
Fire mode: Semi/full-auto
Magazine capacity: 30 Rd
Grip safety
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