One of the most critical reason of death in the world
The USAFE system is an auto propelled, remote controlled water craft designed to be a
fast-and precise “aquatic robot” that can reach a person quickly. It has a U-shaped hull with two electric turbines, one on each leg of the hull.

The turbines are designed so that the device operates regardless of which side is up when thrown into the water.

The behavior and controllability of the system is very effective because of its sophisticated
navigation and guidance system. Operation is simple and intuitive, allowing first-time users the immediate ability to reach a person.

The USAFE buoy is compact approximately at 80 cm by 100 cm, it weights 13,70 Kg, is propelled by two electric turbines with power supplied by a Lithium ion battery package.

Unlike conventionally buoys and devices, the USAFE  system is not passive, allowing it to be
driven to any person with high accuracy.

Its mobility and controllability allow first responders to operate in all conditions including rough sea states and operate in close proximity to rocky areas.

The USAFE system allows first responders to operate without endangering themselves or their vessels.

- Total Weight: 13,70 Kg
- Dimensions: (H x W x L) (mm) 956mm x 780mm x 255mm
- Waterproof: IP67
- Body Materials: HDPE W/Protection UV / PU
- Max Floatability: 4 average persons
- Working Temperature: -20Ί to +50ΊC
- Warehousing Temperature: -20Ί to +45ΊC
- Relativity Humidity :10% to 80% (without condensation)
- Battery: Lithium Ion
- Battery Capacity: 580 W/h
- Battery Balancing: Yes
- Battery Temperature Control: Yes
- Battery Connectivity : Bluetooth 4.2, Wi-Fi
- Battery Weight: 3,46 Kg
- Battery Fast Direct Charging (V2.0): 3 hours
- Battery Charging Time (Induction): 12 Hours
- Battery Type of Charging: Fast Direct Charging or Induction Charging
- Radio Communication Frequency: 2,4 GHz
- Motor Brushless: 2 x 1800 W
- Motor Impulse :2 x 90 N


- Single hand control;
- Lightweight, ergonomic design for right and left hand;
- Wireless charging via integrated induction dock;
- Accidental turn-off protection;
- Impact-proof, waterproof and floats (IP67)
- Total Weight: 200g
- Dimensions (HxWxL) (mm): 167mm x 54mm x 93mm
- Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.2, Wi-Fi

• Remote controllable;
• The turbines are designed so that the device operates regardless of which side is up when throw
into the water;
• Continuity of operation if flipped by waves;
• 15 Km/h speed to enable a fast arrival to the person in need;
• 2 motors that operate independently to enable fast and easy directional changes;
• Patented propulsion system;
• Turbine protection guard for enhanced injury prevention;
• Latest generation battery technology to enable several rescue operations due its lengthy autonomy;
• Flashing LEDs showing information to monitor major buoy data and assist night rescues;
• Waterproof buoyant remote-control in case of dropping in water;
• Automatic turn-on operation;
• Single body construction for increased durability;
• Full functionality in harsh and difficult ocean conditions;
• Wireless charging via integrated induction charger.
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