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Helicopter Rescue
Combat Lifesaver BLS+AED
Medicine in the Mountain Area
Air Marshal
Free-fall Parachute Jump
Heavy Cavalr.
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 VIP Security Officer


This course is intended for the commercial operative or officer who is or planning to become part of a VIP protection team that provides executive protection services to clients who, due to the nature of their business, are under potential threat from organised crime and terrorists.

Having a low profile attitude while maintaining high efficiency, is what this course focuses on.

Clients are paying attention to your day-to-day professionalism, we focus on those daily ins and outs, your basic ability to be professional and build the skills to keep you employed. In this fundamental course, you will learn techniques and tactics to plan and execute executive protection services in structures, in transit on foot and in vehicles from security operators with years of experience in the field of executive protection.

 Maritime Security Operative


The corporate maritime security industry has a vast array of different types of weapons.

The applicant needs to be trained on all weapons to feel confident to operate them safely in a hostile environment.

The main target of this training program is to provide its participants with all the necessary theoretical knowledge and practical skills to perform duties of the maritime security operative in accordance with international standard and procedures



As you can probably guess, gunsmithing programs help train the basics of gun and firearms repair. This does include how to customize and modify your weapons. Most gunsmith programs are taught both in the classroom and in a workshop.

The classroom will give you the theory and basic understanding of how things work. In the shop is where you will get some hands-on experience working with and around firearms.

 Qualified Weapons Instructor


The Qualified Weapons Instructor Course is designed to provide newly assigned firearms instructors with familiarization of a variety of firearms, including care and maintenance and the skills necessary to function as a firearms instructor.

The course also introduces the new instructors to teaching techniques as well as identifying and resolving shooting problems/errors

 Hostile Environment


This course prepares you for worst-case scenarios and enables you to survive critical situations and to take care of your own safety in high-risk areas. This program is designed specifically for organizations, groups and individuals who wish to conduct business or travel in complex, hostile or remote areas face risks on a daily basis, many of which can be life-threatening. Kidnappings, bombings, acts of terrorism, assault or natural disaster are very real dangers, these risks can have a detrimental impact on reputation, businesses and most importantly personal security.  The course provides the students with the knowledge and skills to lower the potential risks and copes with threats, injuries, terrorist attacks, hostage situations, armed conflict and more. We update and refine the course continuously in accordance with feedback from our students and new developments

 Firearms Competency + TacMed


This course is designed for people who are planning to or working as Privately Contracted Armed Security Personnel for Maritime Security Companies and for those who wish to get an introduction to the safe handling and proper orientation with a rifle.

Study of the theory, step-by-step and complex development of practical skills, assistance to victims in wounds, tactical protocols, as well as for victims of criminal incidents and acquisition of a field medicine chest.

 Tactical Medicine


Tactical Medicine courses under guidelines and recommendations of Military ITLS, TCCC and TECC the best world-recognized leaders in prehospital trauma education. The course introduces evidence-based, life-saving techniques for providing the best trauma care on the battlefield

 Firearms Competency


This course is designed for people who are planning to or working as Privately Contracted Armed Security Personnel for Maritime Security Companies and for those who wish to get an introduction to safe handling and proper orientation with a rifle.

Students will enhance their carbine handling skills with a solid emphasis on the fundamentals. During the course the trainees will have theoretical and dry training which will help them improve their knowledge & skills on the subject, after that they will proceed on drills with live ammunition.

 Designated Marksman


This course is primarily oriented toward Marksman Operations in support of infantry battalions with training on urban and civil disturbance operations. Phase I is primarily marksmanship training with the "Orsis T-5000 - Remington 700 - Svd" weapon system. Phase II is a combination of marksmanship and fieldcraft training, including the "Orsis T-5000 - Remington 700 - Svd".

Students must successfully complete Phase I before they can attend Phase II.

 Urban Warfare CQB


This course will be presented by former military special operators who specialize in close quarter battle.

The attendants will be expected to wear helmets and body armours or “full kits” for most of the drills performed during this challenging week of training. The course will be made up of two days of advanced shooting drills and include a “stress shoot” to make sure everyone can safely live fire inside a closed structure or any CQB environment.

This will be followed by two days of live-fire training runs in the shoot house and one day of force on force submunition drills..

 Close Protection Operator


Close Protection Operative in high and low threat environments all over the world.

The course of Close Protection Operative will teach you how to manage the security of a VIP, both at the operational level with the close escort, is how to organize the security team and all the logistics of prevention.

The protection work is very demanding and exhausting for that reason it is important to have good preparation, so as not to make mistakes, our staff with different jobs in the sector will be able to pass on all their experience.

 Private Military Contractor


The main target of the PMC course is to prepare military/law enforcement individuals and security personnel for protective operations in a hostile environment.

The training will provide a maximum of realistic scenarios created by ex-former special force experts and will enable its participants to acquaint themselves with different types of weapon or equipment indispensable in high-risk countries

 Tactical Driving Operation


Proper usage of motor vehicles is critical in tactical and high-threat environments.

TDO is an intensive 3-day course that introduces students to the principles, procedures and countermeasures associated with vehicle operations during high stress, high-risk conditions.

Training includes vehicle dynamics, tactical driving practices, vehicle inspection & IED recognition, vehicle assault case studies, conducting route analysis and surveys, dynamic turning, emergency braking, accelerating & manoeuvring, attack recognition & response, evasive driving skills, vehicle assault immediate action drills, convoy/motorcade operations, disabled driver take-overs, surveillance detection & counter-surveillance, collision avoidance drills, coordinated tactical driving amongst other vehicles, and a performance driving skills course.

 Accurate Pistol


Want to shoot better and faster? This class is for YOU!

Accurate Pistol is a skill-based course with no pre-requisites. In this class students of all skill levels will be taught how to get more speed and accuracy from their gun through a series of time-sensitive drills that will push them past their comfort zones and help them break through to the next shooting plateau.

 Ballistic Shield Course


This course is provided to the Tactical Team, looking to add the ballistic shield to their team‟s arsenal.

The course will train your operators to use the ballistic shield as part of the entry team; all operators will be taught the proper use of the shield in both dynamic and deliberate entry.

The ballistic shield is a powerful tactical tool if applied properly, to learn the most effective tactics for its deployment.

You must have documentation of successful completion of an entry-level pistol and rifles skills program from a law enforcement agency or training facility.

This course is restricted to armed professionals only

 Static Parachute Jump


This course consists of theoretical and practical modules, the main focus is to teach trainees how to rig a parachute, the tactics of a parachutist, how to behave inside the airplane before the jump and how to jump from an airplane while in flight.

During the course, trainees will undergo dry training on how to wear and behave with a parachute also the entire procedure until the landing of the parachutist in the ground, after dry training trainees will jump from an airplane with a parachute.

 Tactical Rappelling


The course is necessary for bodyguards (CPO) and groups of guards to ensure the security of a protected person and self-help when acting at altitude (High building, Ship)

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